What Is "Pay It Forward"?
The Art Of Creating A System Which Creates A World That Works For All!


"From what we get, we can make a living; what we give however, makes a life."

Arthur Ashe

First, Create & Be The Change...

Four Years Go

A Campaign To Change The Course Of History. Really!

Four Years Go is a growing coalition of organizations and individuals with deep commitments to producing a transformational shift for humanity.

Four Years Go is a global communication and awareness campaign to shift humanity onto a just, fulfilling and sustainable path by February 14th 2014.

Four Years Go is not just a new organization. Rather, it is a new framework - a rallying call - for all organizations and all individuals to step up, to engage, and to shape a NEW relationship with one another and the Earth.

Why "four years?"

Because this is the time within which humanity MUST radically accelerate it's progress toward sustainability or face unacceptable risk of irreversibly damaging the life support systems of this planet.

But also, "four years" because it is enough time to ACT, to make a difference, even to transform ourselves.

And "Go" because we must start NOW!

There is time to act, but no time to waste!

Learn more exciting details about Four Years Go, join them and...Create And Be The Change!


"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun!"

Mary Lou Cook

Musical Interlude: If we are truly serious about "being the change" and helping to usher in a brand new reality, we are going to have to think outside of our own selves and our own lives. 

We are going to have to come to the realization that the more people who are living a life of peace, well being and plentitude, the more we each will become abundant in our own lives.

Remember, NO separation, ladies & gentlemen!

It's time for us to take our new forward and progressive ways of doing and being outside of our own four walls. 

I mean, if we really and truly are serious, we have to "take it to the streets!"

"Take this message to my brother. You will find him everywhere."

Lyric from "Taking It To The Streets"


Enjoy this excellent live performance of one of the Doobie Brothers most popular songs "Taking It To The Streets" to catch the vibe of this new and exciting reality!


"It's only beneficial to look back on past hurts if it is done with more clear and evolved eyes."

Pamela K. Jones

Chicago At Play Spotlight: Considered revolutionary when it first opened in 1908, the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago is one of the largest and most stunning conservatories in the nation.

Often referred to as "landscape art underglass" the conservatory occupies approximately 4.5 acres inside and out, and includes cold frames and propagating where thousands of plants are grown each year for displays in city parks and spaces.

One of the many cool attractions included in the Conservatory is the Elizabeth Morse Genius Children's Garden, which is a fabulous botanical wonderland for kids.

Warm, fragrant and tropical feeling on the inside, the Conservatory is a welcome oasis to Chicagoans, particularly on those bitter cold winter days, and both admission and parking is Free.

The elevated train even has a stop right at the Conservatory for those who prefer not to drive.

How cool is that?

The Garfield Park Conservatory is open every day, 365 days, each year, and it offers dozens of shows, workshops and programs for the entire family. It truly offers too much to list here.

How the Conservatory is able to afford to offer this extraordinary gift to the citizens of Chicago is via corporate and business sponsorship, and also by putting on really unique and cool events like their annual fashion show called "Fleurotica."

Fleurotica is a highly unique fashion show which features fashions created by Florists...and the fashions are made out of FLOWERS.

It is SO cool!

It's a highly anticipated event in Chicago every year, and here is a brief yet really steller video which shows a Fleurotica Show and all it's uniquely cool fashions.

Check it out here:


And take a look at this fabulous video slideshow featuring some of the stunning creations included in the 2010 Fleurotica Show.

The detail of the creative work on the fashions is truly stellar. Enjoy!


Update: Here is a brief yet fabulous video featuring Fleurotica 2012. Enjoy!


You can find out more about Fleurotica here:


You can also check out all that the Garfield Park Conservatory has to offer here:


And finally, check out these awesome comments from visitors to the Conservatory on Yelp:


Here is one of my favorite reviews from Yelp of the Conservatory by a reviewer named Roseann M:

"I've never tried LSD (really, truly), but I imagine that Garfield Park Conservatory acts on my brain just as strongly as a powerful hallucination. I'm lifted out of my body. A rush of humidity and green scent fills my head and makes me dizzy. I stand next to a pond, listen to water rushing, watch a turtle dive from a rock into the pond and swim with its head above the water, and I absorb all that life and warmth and fecund air and think, yes, it is true, we really are God, we are part of this, I am a co-creator, and this is all my doing.

Doesn't that sound like an LSD trip, those of you who would know?

When I come back into my body a little bit, I think of scenes from The Empire Strikes Back. Remember Yoda on Dagobah? I feel the Force all around me. I, too, can lift that X-Wing fighter out of the mucky pond.

Well, yeah, maybe I am getting a little carried away. . . but maybe I'm not.

But oh, my friends, I really needed to find some green things, and warmth, and satisfy my longing for spring. This place will do that for you. My friend and I were only there today for a little under an hour, but that lifted our spirits and brought new hope to our hearts.

The facts: it is free. Donations are gratefully accepted. Be sure to cough up some money when you go; we need to support this place.

We came mid-day on a weekday. There were no crowds. We saw lots of women with babies and young children, a high school group on tour, and a few other stray visitors like us. If you can come on a weekday, I recommend it.

Weekday means that we had easy parking in the adjacent lot, south of the building. If you are Green yourself and take public transportation, there is a Green Line (appropriate, huh?) stop at Central Park, less than a block away. Easy breezy.

You're supposed to be able to buy food, etc. there. I didn't see a restaurant or even a vending machine anywhere.I went into the gift shop, and it was pretty small. Some nice T-shirts and other doodads, some chocolate treats.

I don't think either one of us even used the washrooms, so I can't tell you if they are clean, dirty, or outhouses.

I signed up for a class on composting in April. I will update then.

Bottom line: this place didn't save my life, but it filled my heart and soul. If you can't visit right now, just hug a tree in your neighborhood. We are all co-creators, after all."

Chicagoan Roseann M

Indeed we are Roseann!

"Conditions are never just right. People who delay action until all factors are favorable do nothing."

William Feather


Chi-Town Neighborhood  Shout Out: This brief yet interesting video features the same neighborhood where the Garfield Conservatory resides in, the East Garfield Park neighborhood. Enjoy!


And this brief video features East Garfield Park resident, Delvin Molden speaking about the neighborhood:


"It behooves every man to remember that the work of the critic is of altogether secondary importance, and that in the end, progress is accomplished by the man who does things."

Franklin D. Roosevelt


Slice Of The Chi: Ready for your mouth to water?

In this brief yet awesome video, Jen Chicago goes to Chicago's Franks n Dawgs. Enjoy!


In this brief yet cool video, Jen Chicago takes in a Franks 'n' Dawgs Chef Competition, (of sorts). Enjoy!


And this brief yet mouth-watering video features more Franks n Dawgs. Yum!:


Not enough yet? Here's even MORE of the always delectable Franks n Dawgs:


Okay, your torture is over. 

That's Franks n Dawgs....5 Star Dining On A Bun AND less than 10 bucks!!! 

Now do you see why I miss my hometown so much? 


Chi-Town Character Snapshot: Chicago's unique Crown Fountain is an extraordinary interactive work of public art and video sculpture featured in Chicago's renowned Millennium Park.

This spectacular fountain consists of two 50-ft glass block towers at each end of a shallow reflecting pool.

The towers project video images from a cross-section of faces of Chicago's residents.

Staff members at the Art Institute of Chicago filmed more than 1,000 faces to be used for the video towers.

Two different faces of Chicagoans, one on each tower, is shown every 5 minutes, and a face on both towers simultaneously puckers up their lips in the images and spurts out water every 3 minutes.

So cool!

This stellar Public Art Fountain was designed by the world-renowned Spanish Artist Jaume Plensa, whose inspiration for this extraordinary public art showcase was none other than the people of Chicago.

Here are some really cool images taken of the fountain:


Here is a brief video which shows how the fountain looks up close in person and what it does:


And if you are wondering why this Chicago spotlight is labeled "Chicago At Play" the following video will explain why.

Though Crown Fountain is highly unique and beautiful, there are lots of public artworks in Chicago that are unique and beautiful.

Yet this public artwork has an added and special element....FUN!

The purpose of the fountain is to give Chicagoans and vistors alike an opportunity to splash in the fountain and have fun on a hot summer day.

And that is exactly what Chicagoans do, young and old alike.

Check out the fun frolicking in the water here:


Also, check out this brief yet beautifully cool video which features kids playing in the spray of this popular public art exhibit. Enjoy!


Although many have marveled at its strange beauty, few people have every seen how the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park really works.

This brief yet fascinating video offers the unique opportunity to tour the fountain from a perspective not many people have seen - from below, inside and above.

You can check it out here:


And finally, check out this really awesome photo slideshow featuring Crown Fountain and Chicagoans having fun interacting with the fountain:


"It's a 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes; it's dark and we're wearing sun glasses. Hit it!"

The Blues Brothers


Chicago The Beautiful Spotlight: This is a truly stellar video by photographer Hisham Ibrahim, (a hottie!), and it consists of stunningly breathtaking photos of the Windy City titled "Chicago Through My Eyes." Enjoy!


"Don't part with your dreams, for when they are gone, you may still exist, but you will have ceased to live."

Mark Twain

Wisdom Bite: Here a brief yet great audio excerpt from author and Spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra's book "The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success" titled "The Law Of Giving & Receiving." Enjoy!


"Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right."

Henry Ford

Before We Get To "Paying It Forward"...

"It's on our shoulders to create the future. Nobody's going to do it for us."

Andrew Cohen

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"People who persist in seeing the weak, the diseased, the erring side of themselves; who believe they have inherited a taint from their ancestors, who think they do not amount to much and never will; who are always exaggerating their defects; who see only the small side of themselves, never grow into that bigness of manhood and grandeur of womanhood which the Universe/God intended for them. They hold in their minds this little, mean contemptible, dried-up image of themselves until the dwarfed picture becomes a reality. Their appearance, their lives, outpicture their poor opinion of themselves, express their denial of the grandeur and sublimity of their possibilities. They actually think themselves into littleness, meanness, weakness."

"There is no inferiority or depravity about the man that God made.  The only inferiority in us is what we put into ourselves.  What God made is perfect.  We think ourselves into smallness, into inferiority by thinking downward.  We ought to think upward, if we would reach the heights where superiority dwells.  Right thinking and right living make a right life." 

Orison Swett Marden

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"As long as you are worried about what others think of you, you are OWNED by them. Only when you require NO approval from outside yourself can you truly own yourself."

Neale Donald Walsch

First, A Prosperity Thought...

I like to think of problems as challenges. A problem to me evokes images of blocks and limits whereas a challenge looks more like an interesting rock face that I could enjoy climbing. When you think of life as a series of problems to be solved then life will appear like a series of blocks or limits to be overcome. This is an exhausting way to live your life.

How about instead thinking of your life as a series of joys to be encountered, or a series of joyful and exciting goals and dreams to be realised? How about thinking of your life as an ongoing meditation on possibility? How about thinking of your life as a constant meditation on making a difference to others and the vaster world around you? Just thought I would tease your brain cells this morning!

Prosperity Expert Steve Nobel

*Access this web page via email by sending a blank email to the following email address:


"Like attracts like. We can only attract into our lives that which we already feel ourselves to be."

Pamela K. Jones

Or as the legendary James Allen says...

"Do you wish for kindness? Be kind.
Do you ask for truth? Be true.
What you give of yourself you find;
Your world is a reflex of you.

If you are one of those who are praying for, and looking forward to, a happier world beyond the grave, here is a message of gladness for you, you may enter into and realize that happy world now; it fills the whole universe, and it is within you, waiting for you to find, acknowledge, and possess. Said one who knew the inner laws of Being,"

When men shall say Io here, or Io there, go not after them; the kingdom of God is within you."

What you have to do is to believe this, simply believe it with a mind unshadowed by doubt, and then meditate upon it till you understand it.

You will then begin to purify and to build your inner world, and as you proceed, passing from revelation to revelation, from realization to realization, you will discover the utter powerlessness of outward things beside the magic potency of a self-governed soul."

James Allen from his classic book "The Path To Prosperity"

"A self governed soul." In a nutshell, that's truly what this emerging New Paradigm is all about, ladies and gents.

Here is another profound excerpt, this time from the legendary Orison Swett Marden from the excellent Ebook which I give away for Free above titled "The Miracle Of Right Thought."

"The limitation is in ourselves, and not in the Creator.  He wants His children to have all of the good things of the universe, because He has fashioned them for His own.  If we do not take them, it is because we limit ourselves.

We tend to get what we expect, and if we expect nothing we get nothing.  The stream can not rise higher than its fountainhead; no one can become prosperous when he expects or half expects to remain poor.

Every achievement has its origin in the mind, every structure is first a mental structure.  The building is first completed in all its details in the architect’s mind.  The contractor merely puts the stones, the brick and other material around the idea.  We are all architects.  Everything we do in life is preceded by some sort of a plan.

The man who expects prosperity is constantly creating money in his mind, building his financial structure mentally.  There must be a mental picture of the prosperity first; the building around it is comparatively easy.  It does not take as great a man to place the material around the idea as to create the idea, the mental picture.  This is not idle dreaming, it is brain building, mental planning, mental construction. 

Prosperity begins in the mind and is impossible while the mental attitude is hostile to it.  It is fatal to work for one thing and to expect something else, because everything must be created mentally first and is bound to follow its mental pattern.  No one can become prosperous while he really expects or half expects to remain poor.  We tend to get what we expect, and to expect nothing is to get nothing.  When every step you take is on the road to failure, how can you hope to arrive at the success goal?

Optimism is a builder.  It is to the individual what the sun is to vegetation.  It is the sunshine of the mind, which constructs life, beauty, and growth in everything within its reach.  Our mental faculties grow and thrive in it just as the plants and trees grow and thrive in the physical sunshine.

Others are waiting for somebody to discover them.  The world is too busy to hunt for merit.

There is no inferiority or depravity about the man that God made.  The only inferiority in us is what we put into ourselves.  What God made is perfect.  The trouble is that most of us are but a burlesque of the man God patterned, intended.  We think ourselves into smallness, into inferiority by thinking downward.  We ought to think upward, if we would reach the heights where superiority dwells.

Faith is the bed rock upon which all other foundation stones in every great character rest.  Thus the man who has an invincible faith in his mission, an unconquerable faith in himself and in his God, has power in the world.

Most successful men I have known had the habit of expecting things to turn out right.  No matter how black or discouraging the outlook, they held tenaciously to their faith in the final outcome.  This habit of holding an expectant attitude in some mysterious way unknown to us attracts the thing we long for, just as though our own were always seeking us when we were seeking it.

The same is true in regard to prosperity.  Do not allow yourself to think that anything else can come to you but prosperity.  Assume the prosperity attitude, thought, manner.  Act like a prosperous, progressive man, dress like one, think like one.  Be sure that your mental picture, your mental attitude, is the pattern of that which you would like to be a reality.

The realization that in the truth of our being we are actually a part of this great principle, a necessary, inseparable part of it, and that we can no more be annihilated than can the laws of mathematics, that we must partake of all of the qualities which compose our Creator, that we must be perfect and immortal because we were created by Perfection, are a part of immortal Principle, solves the greatest mysteries of life and gives us a wonderful sense of security, safety, satisfaction, and contentment, which nothing else can give.

Man is beginning to learn that his power, his success, his happiness are in proportion to the completeness of his consciousness of this divine connection, and that he is mighty or weak as he keeps it inviolate and sacred, or breaks it.  All our troubles come from our sense of separateness from the Infinite Source.

One of the greatest delusions that ever crept into a mortal brain is that it is inevitable that a man at the age of forty or fifty should begin to lose his power and go down hill physically and mentally.  Why should man, the grandest creation of God, begin to decline just as he is really beginning to get ready to live?

Night worrying is not only painful and aging, but also dangerous.  It keeps the blood in a state of chronic poisoning which impairs all of the mental processes and the physical functions as well.

The simple life – plain living and high thinking – tends to increase longevity.  There is no doubt that because of the very nature of his work, the clergyman’s life is conducive to longevity.  His mind is employed on high themes; he contemplates sacred subjects.  He is dealing with high ideals, and, for the most part, leads an unselfish life, largely devoted to the service of others.

Whenever you think of yourself, always hold the image of yourself as you would like to be.  Do not dwell upon your imperfections or weaknesses, because that will mar your image, but hold tenaciously to the ideal of yourself; think of yourself in your perfection, as the personality the Creator intended you to be.  Many people dwell in their thoughts upon their imperfections, and so accentuate their weaknesses or peculiarities that they only see a distorted picture of themselves.  They gradually lose their self-respect and their dignity.  It is what we think of ourselves, the ideal of ourselves which we have in mind, that out- pictures itself in our manner, our appearance.

Right thinking and right living make a right life."

Excerpt from Orison Swett Marden's classic book "The Miracle Of Right Thought"

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It's time to start being who we wish to attract, giving what we wish to receive, doing what we wish to accomplish. It's time to RISE to the challenge of our intended Destiny which is our reason for being here. It's time.

Pamela K. Jones 

"Everyone has a purpose in life...a unique gift or special talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of goals."

Deepak Chopra

Now, On To "Pay It Forward"...

What Is Pay It Forward And How Does It Relate To The Secret Wealth Network?   

"If many little people, in many little places, do many little deeds, they can change the face of the Earth."

African Proverb

Pay It Foward or paying it forward refers to repaying the good deeds one has received by doing good things for other unrelated people. 

It is based on a book written by Catherine Ryan Hyde which was popularized by the movie of the same name which starred Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, and Haley Joel Osment a few years ago. 

The story, as told by the book, involves, Trevor, a 12 year old boy who developed the Pay It Forward concept in response to an extra credit assignment given by his teacher.  

Trevor's idea involved doing good deeds for 3 people and for each person to repay the deed by, in turn, doing good deeds for 3 others who asked the same of their 3 people and so on, and so on, and so on!

Trevor's idea and concept demonstrated a PERFECT example of the sheer magic of Geometric Progression...by using the  Power of 3! 


For Example:                 3

                                      3 x 3 =  9

                                      9 x 3 =  27

                                      27 x 3 = 81

                                      81 x 3 = 243...and so on and on!

*Learn more exciting details about Geometric Progression by going to the web page on this website titled, "Duplication = Pyramid".

The Secret Wealth Network requires you to "Pay It Forward" by recruiting and helping a minimum of 5 people as your personal team members to help to eventually make their dreams come true.

You helping to make their dreams come true, makes your own dreams come true. It's the only way that you can succeed with our System.  

You would, in essence, be "Paying It Forward" by introducing this wonderful and life changing opportunity to 5 or more individuals and they would each do the same...and so on...and so on...etc!


For Example:                 5

                                      5 x 5 = 25

                                     25 x 5 = 125

                                     125 x 5 = 625

                                      625 x 5 = 3125...and so on and on!

The impact in regard to the tremendous possibilities of what this can create is not only defined in the financial freedom, security, humanitarian service and peace of mind that The Secret Wealth Network promises each participant by just following our simple step by step system and investing only $398.00 out of pocket one time.  

It is also defined by what many of these same individuals will be able to do with their own lives in finally having the freedom to focus on unleashing their gifts, talents and ambitions upon the world...fulfilling their REAL purpose and living their True Destiny. 

This amounts to each person benefiting and serving humanity in their own unique and individual way!

In addition to all of the above, you will also be "paying it forward" each time you introduce or refer this revolutionary website to anyone. 

All of this in addition to our powerful "Project Empower 21" Humanitarian Campaign...means that there will be a TREMENDOUS amount of paying it forward aka GIVING going on....and what could be better than that?

In a nutshell, hidden within this revolutionary plan lies the Real Potential for each & every one of us to...

Create And Be The Real Change That We All Wish To See In This World! Peace! 

"We need to think of ourselves as gifts to be given and to think of others as gifts offered to us."

John Powell

View a very inspiring short film clip from the motion picture "Pay It Forward" starring Kevin Spacey and Haley Joel Osment, which explains the entire concept at the following link:


*You can purchase the "Pay It Forward" Film at The Secret Wealth Network's Online Book Store, under the category "My Favorite Movies" here:


Also, Oprah devoted an entire series of shows to the Pay It Forward concept a couple of years ago. 

To view a clip from one of the shows, click here:


Also...Guess what was Microsoft Founder and World's Richest Man Bill Gates's advice to the 2007 graduating class at his Alma Mater, Harvard University this past June? 

You Guessed It...To Pay It Forward!!!  

Access the link to the article here: 


Bill Gates's outstanding, brilliant, and truly unforgettable 2007 Harvard Commencement Speech is also a MUST View and/or Read here:

View - http://tinyurl.com/29yq2dg

Read - http://tinyurl.com/ydg6l7w

"All lives have equal value."

The motto of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Also, find out what Psychology Today has to say about Paying It Forward here: 


And last but definitely not least, even though the term "Pay It Forward" was unknown back then, none other than Benjamin Franklin endorsed a concept that sounds exactly like the Pay It Forward idea all the way back in 1784!  

Read what he wrote to a fellow friend here:


Okay, let's recap...a Hollywood film starring Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, and Haley Joel Osment, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Psychology Today and one of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, ALL endorsing an idea that may sound "overly utopian" and idealistic to the average person, (or cynic), but which can have ENORMOUS ramifications for humanity if just a small fraction of our fellow world citizens choose to BELIEVE in this unusual concept and to most importantly...TAKE ACTION!  

I don't know about you, but I very much like the odds...and I also like the company that I am keeping!

The Law Of Circulation - The Flow Of Giving And Receiving

By Enoch Tan

The law of circulation states that all things in the universe is always flowing in circulation but at an ever expanding rate. What you give to one person, you will receive from a different source. So you don’t have to give with the expectation of receiving back from the same person you give to, but knowing that it will definitely come back to you multiplied from other sources. It works according to the law of cause and effect where the universe always mirrors back to you whatever you do.
It’s important to notice how you respond to compliments especially when they are sincere and valid. Do you downplay it, decline it or ignore it? Do you say something like “Oh it’s nothing.” The reason why you do not accept other people’s compliments about you is because you do not accept them about yourself. Learn to have complete self acceptance so that you can look others in the eye and say “Thank you.” The reason why it is important to accept compliments is that it allows the other person to give something to us.
Do not refuse anything good that is offered to you. If someone offers you a gift, take the gift and just say, “Thank You.” If you are in a restaurant and someone wants to pay the bill, don’t argue. Just say, “Thank you” and allow them to give to you. Give up your beliefs about accepting gifts from others. Forget about feeling vulnerable or owing them something. Don’t decline it because you do not want to be affected by the law of reciprocity.
If someone gives you something you don’t like or you don’t need, pass it on to someone else who can use it or enjoy it. As you do this, everyone gets to win. When you refuse a gift from anyone, you are not only blocking the flow of abundance in your life, but you are also blocking the flow of abundance in the giver’s life.
If you wanted to give a gift, wouldn’t you want someone to receive your gift? Remember, there can’t be a giver without a receiver. Whenever you accept a gift, know that you are helping yourself and the giver to complete the cycle of giving and receiving.
Of course you can decline a gift when it is given for the wrong purpose or the wrong motive. When you know that someone is giving you something for the purpose of enticing you to do something that is not to your best benefit, you have every right to decline the gift. True giving is always out of love. Love is the purest motive force and giving is the expression of love. When someone gives to you out of love, you can accept it.
You can still choose to accept a gift when the person is giving for the wrong reasons though. Any harm caused will only be to themselves but you will benefit. You should treat every gift you receive as a gift that you are receiving from the universe. It is ultimately the universe that gives to you no matter what channels it may give through. Even the wealth of the wicked shall be handed over to the righteous.
Positive circulation is when things increase as a result. Negative circulation is when things diminish as a result. What you hold on to will keep slipping away until there is nothing left. You can never escape the law of circulation. If you try to stop the circulation of things, it will still circulate but in a negative manner. It will be circulated through unexpected expenses such as paying for repairs and replacements of things that are damaged, stolen or lost. Look at areas in your life where you are prevented from keeping your money or being forced to spend it.
You proclaim that everything you have belongs to the universe when you give away a portion of it. The portion represents the whole. The universe accepts the portion as the whole. The portion that you give to the universe is blessed and therefore the remaining of all that you have is also blessed. As we circulate our money freely, more money flows into our lives.
We are all stewards of the universe resources. If you do not circulate what you have for the work of the universe, what you have will be taken away and given to another who is doing so. Don’t worry about people who are selfish and do not give. If you keep giving and being in flow, even what others hoard from you will somehow be made by the universe to be given to you. So you can rest in the truth that you will always have whatever you want and no one can hold it from you. You never have to withhold from giving others what they want just because they withhold from giving what you want.
Of course you shouldn’t anyhow give but give wisely. You should give to where your giving would do the most good so that it would flourish. You should give to someone or some place that contributes to your personal growth or happiness. Give to where you receive spiritual nourishment from. Give to people who inspire you, help you and love you. Give to where you receive the most joy. Give to where it makes you most happy to give. You should give most of all to where you are personally involved in.
Positive circulation increases the value of things because it is beneficial to both giver and receiver. Negative circulation decrease the value of things because it is detrimental to one or both parties. Positive circulation occurs when what is received is combined and transformed into something better and given away again. Negative circulation occurs when what is received cannot or isn’t used but is released in a state that is worse than before. An example is the money making scams of life.
It is better to give in smaller amounts but more frequently than to give in large amounts but less frequently. It is consistency of giving and not magnitude that has the effect. When you give frequently, you are in constant flow and there is no stagnation. When you give only large amounts now and then, you will be in stagnation during periods where you are not giving. Think about constant circulation to keep the water in a tank fresh and clear, compared to changing it completely only now and then.
Whenever you give something to others, you should also allow them to give something back to you if they desire to. If they have allowed you the favor of expressing abundance towards them, you show also allow them the favor of expressing abundance towards you. It is perfectly alright to set up an exchange of value by having others pay for what you have to offer. It is also a way of allow circulation to take place that will lead to the increase of your own wealth and the wealth of the world.
We can’t give that which we don’t have. It is a joyful thing to have so that we can share. When you help people by sacrificing yourself to be of service to others, you will feel resentful for it and end up paying a much higher price. That is because correct giving must be a circulation and not just an outflow. When you give, you need to receive something in return in order to enable yourself to continue to give more. Your can only give in proportion with your ability to receive. The best givers are the best receivers.
The key is to be abundant and happy with yourself. Then from that space you can reach out and help others. Otherwise instead of changing the world, we are just tilting the scale from one extreme to the other. Balance is found not when one is down and the other one is up, but when were are all at the same level where in our own personal way, we feel abundance, happy and fulfilled, that we are sharing our talents, resources, and gifts with one another.
Always give away whatever it is that you want. If you want love, give love. If you want money, give money. If you want knowledge, give knowledge. You will always have already been provided by the universe with a certain amount of what you want. You just want more of it. If you give out of the little that you have, much more will come back to you. If you want to have wealth, first show others how to have wealth. Whatever you want, if you cause another being to have it first, you will have it in abundance.

You are in vibrational resonance with abundance through your physical acts of giving and receiving. Giving and receiving are the two polarities of the same frequency spectrum of abundance. That is why people who have the most are the ones that give and receive the most. The universe gives us it's all to receive back our all.


"It is by faith that we can build and create. With each accomplishment, we build the foundation for future accomplishments."

Lady Kristine

Peace and Blessings!