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"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

Herman Cain

First, Create And Be The Change...

New Voice Of Business

Breaking the "business as usual"mindset and creating a better future for business and society. 

The New Voice of Business vision is to unite and amplify the voices of millions of business people to create a sustainable world of well being for all.

The vision is the fulfillment of the following core principles:

  • Long-term thinking and investing.
  • A regenerative approach to economic development that moves beyond efficiency towards restoring human and natural capital in order to realize the full potential of a sustainable economy.
  • Expanded opportunity, prosperity, security and meaning for future generations through a responsible, equitable, honest and ecologically sound economic system.
  • Promote the emerging role of business people and businesses as economic stewards and as an engine of positive change in the world.
  • Align ecological, human and commercial well-being. 

The mission of New Voice of Business is to awaken, inspire, and mobilize (AIM) the power and creativity of business and business people to play a new and positive leadership role in addressing the core challenges and opportunities of our times.

  • Awaken people to the great challenges and opportunities at hand
  • Inspire business people to take their place of leadership and responsibility
  • Mobilize networks of people to affect positive change in their businesses, the marketplace, and society 

Learn all of the details and...Create And Be The Change!

"Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the Universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a clear enough request, and everything your heart desires must come to you!"

Shatki Gawain

Musical Interlude: I absolutely LOVE vocalist Phil Collins and his band Genesis. I love their music and humanity, but I also love their innate business savvy! I grew up with a very passionate love for music of many styles and genres, and consequently became attached to many bands as a young girl.

For this reason, a HUGE pet peeve of mine was when bands would just all of a sudden break up.

Usually the reason behind the break up was because of differences between the band's members and sometimes because of what I considered to be "ego issues."

The way that it usually went down was the band's lead singer began to think that he/she WAS the band aka the star, and the other members were merely supporting players, and therefore the band's lead singer, or another band member, typically wanted the limelight all to themselves.

The band would then break up to pursue solo projects separately, which more often than not, did not match the success or the magic of the band.

Even as a kid, I was very business savvy. When these bands would break up to pursue solo careers, I would always ask myself or others,

"Why don't they just do BOTH...record with the band AND pursue solo projects?"

Even as a kid, I could see that this would have been the smart thing to do, and might have even made the band more successful.

Well...the british band, Genesis was one of the few bands who chose to do just extraordinary success!

Genesis the band remained intact, while Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford went on to do their various solo gigs to outrageous success...which made Genesis, the band more powerful and successful.

Very business savvy!

I have decided to feature Phil Collins on this web page for that reason, but also because Phil Collins in many ways represents much of what this website is about.

I kind of consider Phil Collins to be the "Susan Boyle of Rock Music". 

He is a very unlikely guy who took a risk on a HUGE gamble which paid off...BIG TIME!

For those who don't know the story, Phil Collins is not the original lead singer of Genesis. The original lead singer of Genesis was Peter Gabriel, the rock star and humanitarian, (whom I also love).

Phil was Genesis's drummer and as we all know, the drummer is the least featured band member in the band. And that was just the way Phil Collins liked it! Peter Gabriel left the band Genesis to go solo.

So, the band went looking for another lead singer. I believe that they auditioned several lead singers with none of them clicking with the band. Finally, they turned to ask Phil if he would do the lead vocals. 

Phil did not want to do the lead vocals...he was fine behind his drums, in his comfort zone. He also did not think that he had the rock star look and persona to be a lead vocalist.

He was already beginning to go bald!

To cut to the chase, Phil DID eventually come from behind the drums and take his spot in the limelight...and the rest is history! 

Genesis became much bigger than they had ever been before with Phil Collins on the lead vocals, because like Susan Boyle, Phil's voice spoke for itself.

In the fickle world of rock and roll, I can understand why Phil was apprehensive about taking over as lead vocalist since rock music is built so much around the persona of the lead singer and/or guitarist.

But he took a leap and did it anyway and now he is one of the biggest and most well known music stars in the world.

Not only that, but Genesis's music became so much more creative and innovative with Phil on the vocals and lending much of his previously obscure songwriting talent. 

It just goes to show what can happen when you take a risk against the norm or status quo...Miracles!

Check out this truly awesome live performance of Phil Collins performing one of his biggest hits,"In The Air Tonight" here:

And, check Genesis out performing their stellar song "Land Of Confusion" live at the Live Earth Concert and please take heed to these extremely powerful and timely lyrics from their song:

"I won't be coming home tonight,

my generation will play it right,

we're not just making promises,

That we know we'll never keep.

This is the time, this is the place,

as we look towards the future,

and there's not much love to go round,

tell me why this is the Land of Confusion?

This is the world we live in,

And these are the hands we're given,

You'd better let's start trying,

to make this a world worth fighting for,

This is the world we live in,

And these are the names we're given,

Stand up and let's start showing,

Just where our lives are going to."

Check out their truly awesome song "Land Of Confusion" here: 

"Dreams are a part of our heart and soul. Our dreams go to the depths of our thoughts, wants and needs to fulfill our destiny. In order to fulfill our destiny, we must fulfill our dreams."

J. R. Davis

First...Some "Dream Fulfilling" Help...

Uncover Your Dreams & Fulfill Your Destiny!

The truly wonderful Ecourse titled "Uncovering Your Dreams" was created and designed by Jeanne May to help you to RECLAIM your dream, and it was designed to teach you HOW to dream again.

Through a series of steps, you will be guided on an inner journey to FIND your DESCRIBE RECLAIM it...and to DECIDE if you want to turn it into a reality.

This Remarkable Ecourse is an Enlightening 5 Step Process:

  1. Step 1 - In this step, you will be guided to REMEMBER your dream and you will learn HOW to dream.
  2. Step 2 - This step is about DESCRIBING your dream.
  3. Step 3 - In this step, you will be guided to FIND the reason for and the WHY of your dream.
  4. Step 4 - In this step, you will be shown how to SEE your dream.
  5. Step 5 - This is the step where you will DECIDE what is next for you and your dream.

Begin your fascinating journey of uncovering your dreams TODAY by receiving this truly life transforming Ecourse...absolutely Free here:

Before We Get To "The Conscious Business Success Portal"...

*Please know that there is a very good reason as to why I am leading off with a tantalizing precursor featuring this guy's amazing stuff!

"The future belongs to marketers who establish a foundation and process where interested people can market to each other. Ignite consumer networks and then get out of the way and let them talk." 

Seth Godin - Entrepreneur, Change Agent and Author of the Best Selling Book "Unleashing The Idea Virus"...the #1 Most Downloaded Ebook in History!

Hmmm...people marketing to each other? Ignite consumer networks? 

Sounds an awful lot like The Secret Wealth Network to me! 

Let's learn a little more...

More quotes from this amazing book...

"We live in a world where consumers actively resist marketing. So, it's imperative to stop marketing at people. The idea is to create an environment where consumers will market to each other."

"Marketing is going to be changed forever by the connections we've made online."

"The Internet is to entrepreneurs what radio was to records."

"The future belongs to the people who unleash idea viruses."

What is an "idea virus?"

It's a BIG IDEA that runs amok across the target audience. It's a fashionable idea that propagates through a section of the population, teaching and changing and influencing everyone it touches. And in our rapidly/instantly changing world, the art and science of building, launching and profiting from idea viruses is the next frontier." Seth Godin

Prime Example of an Idea Virus = The Secret Wealth Network!

Ladies and Gentleman: Idea Viruses and the Pioneers behind them are the Wave of the Future...the New Paradigm!

Become A Part Of That Wave!

Receive a copy of the truly extraordinary Ebook by the amazing Seth Godin titled,"Unleashing The Idea Virus"...absolutely Free here:

*First...Please download a Free Copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to read all PDF Ebooks and Documents which you will find on this website here:

*Access a copy of Seth Godin's book "Unleashing The Idea Virus" in audiobook format for only $9.92 here:


in this fascinating 20 minute talk also by Seth Godin titled "Seth Godin On The Tribes We Lead", Seth argues that the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: Tribes.

*Or what I personally like to call...Networks! Whatever you choose to call it...same thing!

Founded on shared ideas and values, Seth says tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make BIG change!

He urges us to do so.

Check out this truly outstanding talk by Seth Godin...absolutely Free here: 

Also, Marketing Guru Seth Godin feels that the days of status quo marketing through the television industrial complex are coming to an end.

People are too busy to pay attention to the nonstop advertising of average products for average people.

What grab's people's attention is something remarkable, or rather something worth making a remark about.

And their remarks spread the ideas or products to the world and make it a success!

Learn about the cutting edge of spreading ideas with this amusing yet extremely valuable talk by Seth Godin titled "Seth Godin On Standing Out"...absolutely Free here:

More About Tribes From Seth...

This Awesome New Book By The Brilliant Author, Entrepreneur & Change Agent, Seth Godin Actually Predicted The Secret Wealth Network!

Who Knows...Had This Book Come Out Earlier, This Website May Have Been Called...

The Secret Wealth Tribe??? Naaa!

But Seth is most definitely "on point" usual!

What Are Tribes? Well, according to Seth...

Tribes are groups of people aligned around an idea, connected to a leader and to each other.

Tribes make our world work, and always have. The NEW opportunity is that it's easier now than ever to find, organize and lead a tribe. The Web has enabled an explosion of all kinds of tribes - and created a shortage of people to lead them. 

This is the growth industry of our time!

The compelling audio book version of bestselling author Seth Godin's newest book "Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us" will help you to understand exactly what's at stake, and why YOU can and should lead a tribe of your own.

Access a copy of this truly remarkable Audio Book...absolutely Free here:

*You can also purchase a hard copy of Seth Godin's new book "Tribes" at The Secret Wealth Network's Online Bookstore here:

And Lastly From Seth...

"Every single story in this Ebook is about the edges. These are companies - big and small - and individuals - successful and not yet successful - who make the scary choice to be remarkable."

Seth Godin

Access a copy of Seth Godin's truly amazing Ebook titled "99 Cows" which is a sequel and gives 99 examples to his premise in his bestselling book "Purple Cow:Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable"...absolutely Free here:

*Purchase a copy of Seth's revolutionary book "Purple Cow: Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable" at The Secret Wealth Network's Online Bookstore.

Also, Here Is Another "Take" On The Tribe:

What Is A Tribe According To Dave Logan?

Every Company Or Non Profit Organization Is A Tribe - A Group Of 20 Or More People In Which Everyone Knows Everyone Else, Or At Least Knows Of Every One Else.

In the very informative 5 hour Audio Ebook by Dave Logan titled "Tribal Leadership" you will learn how to access your business or organization's tribal culture on a scale from one to five and then how to implement specific tools to elevate one stage to the next.

The Result Is Unprecedented Success!

In this extremely complex New Paradigm, leaders, managers and organizations that fail to understand, motivate and grow their "tribes", will find it almost impossible to succeed in an increasingly fragmented world of for and non profit organizations.

"Tribal Leadership" will help you to discover the secrets that have led the highest level tribes, (like the team at Apple that designed the iPod), to remarkable heights, and to find new ways to succeed where others have failed.

Receive this very important 5 hour Audio Book by Dave Logan...absolutely Free here: 

And Finally In Regard To Tribes...

Receive a cool Ebook by author Ed Welch titled "101 Ways To Destroy Your Tribe"...absolutely Free here:


The Think Big Revolution - A Place To Change The World

Think Bigger About Who You Are & What You Offer The World!

"Know this - nothing great, nothing transformative, nothing that ever shaped the common good and inspired others has ever happened except by Thinking Big."

Michael Port


And see Michael Port in action here:

Also, Join Michael Port's Truly Amazing "Booked Solid Network!"

This is the most interactive, dynamic, meaningful and content rich Network Environment for the Service Professional!

Are You Ready To Rock Your Business?

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs...Get ready to play BIG and work smarter!

Passionate, innovative, independent professionals and service providers are coming together in one spot to create the largest, highest integrity Online Referral Network!

Influenced by the underlying principles of Michael Port's international bestselling book, "Book Yourself Solid", the Booked Solid Network brings together seasoned professionals, certified coaches, strategists, strategies and insight that guarantee business breakthrough!

Here is what you will receive from Michael and the Network:

  • Live Coaching - Michael Port and the extremely talented Book Yourself Solid Coaching Team lead daily teleseminars on the most significant, effective and meaningful marketing strategies. Dial-up from your cell, VOIP, or land line anytime - from anywhere. Listen in on high-value, content-rich trainings. Experience expert tele-clinics from business authorities, some of the best known authors in the world and up and coming entrepreneurial stars. And when you can't make it to the call, they've got you covered. Every call is recorded and archived in the library for your postponed listening pleasure. Virtually every week, you can connect to breakthrough trainings. The BYS Network is live and running, when you most need it.
  • Networking Opportunities - Networking doesn't get any easier than this. When you enter the Booked Solid Network, you'll discover a first-class community filled with purpose, bravery, and mutual respect. Supportive business owners who love what they do are coming together to cross-refer, and to develop new business relationships, friendships and partnerships. Meet up on web-based forums, audio and video chat lines and blogs. Around the corner and across the globe, you will have instant access to the most inspired online business professionals. Start sharing ideas, dive into valuable resources or spark up unexpected friendships that seem to spontaneously turn work into play!
  • Answers From The Pros - Get immediate answers to your most pressing financial, legal, marketing, client management and small business issues. Michael Port and Certified Book Yourself Solid Coaches are not only ready to answer timely business topics, they'll give you candid feedback on the creative side of your business, too. Also receive...
  • Marketing Tools
  • Your Own Blog and Website
  • Valuable Member Reviews
  • Time Saving Techniques and Tools
  • Dynamic Accountability Groups
  • Live Chats
  • And a Private Source Library which you can access 24/7 each and every day, all day, anytime. Hundreds of hours of video and MP3 training are yours for the taking, listening and re-listening. Michael, along with many of the best minds in the business world - from Seth Godin to Tim Ferriss, from Michael E. Gerber to Starbuck's former President Howard Behar, educate and inspire the best work you've yet to achieve! You can even make your mark on the Network by adding your own personal content. Share your expertise while you get booked solid, increasing your exposure and impact in the Network.

Join a community, a family really, of others like you, who care about people, work with integrity and continue to accomplish "big" things.

In short order, the Booked Solid Network will be overflowing with service professionals and independent business owners - just like you!

Join Your Contemporaries In The Biggest Business Online Network!

And, best of all, incredibly, ALL of the above is absolutely Free to you!

*Note from Pam: That is what true "Consciousness" is all about ladies and gentlemen! Caring enough about humanity aka "The Whole" to use your creativity, innovation and expertise to create something of immense value and benefit for EVERYONE, not just for people who can afford to pay for it, which anyway you look at it, creates separation. Michael has done that with not only The Booked Solid Network, but also with The Think Big Revolution!

You will soon discover that this is a very familiar theme among the hundreds of Conscious Business Entrepreneurs featured on this, in addition to many other web pages on this website. They are truly Amazing Givers whom, in my opinion, know, live and "get" their life's purpose and mission better than anyone else!

Become a member of Michael Port's Incredible Booked Solid Network...absolutely Free here:

Also, pick up Michael Port's bestselling book "Book Yourself Solid" at The Secret Wealth Network's Online Bookstore here:


FLOW, created by Whole Foods Markets Founder John Mackey and Fellow Conscious Entrepreneur and Author, Michael Strong, is an emerging movement dedicated to liberating the entrepreneurial spirit and focusing it on the goals of sustainable peace, prosperity, and happiness for our lifetime!

The word "flow" refers to an optimal state of human experience in which individuals are fully engaged in creative endeavors, experiencing fulfillment, happiness, and well-being; and the means by which increases in the free global flow of goods, services, capital, people, and information will accelerate human progress and well being.

FLOW's purpose is to serve as an entrepreneur of meaning to other organizations and initiatives; to put forth an inspiring vision, point to examples of the vision applied, catalyze inquiry, dialog, and action; and to cultivate awareness of the powerful role Creators, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs play in the evolution and elevation of humanity.

FLOW's mission is to describe and foster those social, cultural and legal conditions that will allow for increasingly effective entrepreneurial solutions to all problems.

Learn more exciting details about FLOW and Create And Be The Change here:

Also, access a copy of FLOW's first book titled,"Liberating The Entrepreneurial Spirit For Good"...absolutely Free here: 


"Social Entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish, or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry."

 Bill Drayton, Ashoka CEO and Chair

Ashoka envisions a world where EVERYONE is a Change Maker; a world that responds quickly and effectively to social challenges, and where each individual has the freedom, confidence and societal support to address any social problem and drive change.

Ashoka strives to shape a global, entrepreneurial, competitive citizen sector: one that allows Social Entrepreneurs, (which is another name for Conscious Entrepreneur), to thrive and enables the world's citizens to think and act as Change Makers.

Social Entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society's most pressing social problems. They are ambitious and persistent, tackling major social issues and offering new ideas for wide-scale change.

Rather than leaving societal needs to the government or business sectors, Social Entrepreneurs find what is not working and solve the problem by the changing the system, spreading the solution, and persuading entire societies to take new leaps.

Ashoka is looking for the Andrew Carnegies, Henry Fords, and Steve Jobs of the citizen sector.

"The engaged global community of Social Entrepreneurs that Ashoka has fostered, helps each one of them to have more impact than would have been possible individually."

Pierre Omidyar, Ebay Founder and Ashoka Investor

Learn more about this truly revolutionary organization, watch a short video about Ashoka's mission and impact and...Create And Be The Change!


A New Paradigm Of Leadership Emerges...

New Visionaries - Working For The Conscious Evolution Of Our World!

There's a new kind of leadership emerging in the world today. These new leaders are called "The New Visionaries".

New Visionaries are people who see life as it CAN BE...working passionately and collaboratively for a vibrant New World. 

New Visionaries are people who invent everything anew for the co-creation of a vibrant New Global Society.

New Visionaries are inventive, super creative and alive with infinite possibilities for how things can be.  They are charismatic and definitely don't follow anyone's rules. They don't dwell on what is, nor do they try to change the old.

They CREATE, INVENT, and EVOLVE whatever they come in contact with in a new way of leadership.

New Visionaries was created by Soleira and Santari Green, two "New Visionaries" who are working with others around the world to help evolve everything and everyone into their fullest potential. 

Their evolutionary courses, teleclasses, events and books will take you to unimaginable places where you discover how to live, work and play as transformative, visionary, evolutionary human beings.

Learn more about New Visionaries and also access a copy of Soleira's truly fascinating Ebook titled, "The Evolution Of Everything", in addition to a second Ebook from Soleira titled "The Alchemical Coach"...both absolutely Free here:

*I also highly recommend you reviewing Soleira Green's extraordinary new book titled, "The New Visionaries: Evolutionary Leadership For A Vibrant World." 

Here is an excellent excerpt from it:

"No other leadership work I know covers the exciting terrain of connective, transformative, evolutionary leadership. From here, the world opens up it's gateways to a vibrant, creative reality and we are filled with the immense and wondrous power of potentiality. 

We dive with great glee into visionary adventures that occur with the ease, grace and playfulness that connective leadership offers. 

These New Visionaries are appearing in the midst of a huge evolutionary shift, a new era that is light years ahead of any cultural shifts we've seen in the last thousands of years. 

What makes this New Era so amazing and different?

Human Beings are at long last stepping beyond being small people, tossed around by the chaos of life to become vast and wondrous beings of pure possibility. 

We're learning to work with potential and to dance in the moment, creating breathtaking new possibilities. A new visionary leadership is emerging that is brilliantly creative and inventive in limitless new ways.

We're connecting all over the world, building a global community of inventive people who are passionate about Life, who want to see a better world for all and who are ready to live 24/7 to make that a reality now.  

New Visionary Leaders are sourcing this shift to people power, connecting up their ideas, passions and visions with incredible speed, regardless of where they live, how old they are or how much money they have. They make the impossible possible with increasing ease and strength. 

As you enter the portals of it's wonders and play, I wish you great fun as you surf the possiblities and potentialities of your own evolutionary contributions and the unleashing of the greatness that is inherent within every single one of us. 

From this place, we evolve from small people with complex, global problems to amazing beings contributing to the evolution of a magnificent world."

Soleira Green - "The New Visionaries: Evolutionary Leadership For A Vibrant World"

*Learn more about Soleira Green's remarkable book and access a Free Excerpt from it here:


Create A Mission Statement For Your Business Or Organization!

The power to achieve the life of your dreams is in your hands - and the FIRST step toward activating it in regard to creating a successful business or organization is in identifying the specific goals that will make your goals and dreams real. 

The best way to do this is by creating your own unique Mission Statement.

A Mission Statement is only about a paragraph long, but it has specific, measurable outcomes and a deadline for accomplishing that outcome. It is truly the BEST way to begin your journey to success.

Access an extraordinary "Mission Statement Builder" Tool from Personal Development Leader, Nightingale Conant, which will help you to clarify what you want out of life in as little as 5 minutes!

This fabulous tool makes it easy for you to put your Mission Statement together in a simple, step by step, five minute process. 

Creating a Mission Statement for your life will help you to change your direction and move in the direction of your hopes, happiness, dreams and life's purpose. 

Just remember that your true mission in life is simply what brings you joy/bliss and at the same time, benefits others. 

This Mission Statement Builder will enable you to make a definite "shift" from an ordinary existence to an extraordinary existence...simply by clarifying your life's purpose and mission!

The power to achieve and fulfill the life of your dreams is now clearly in your hands...grab it!

Access this life changing Mission Statement Builder Tool...absolutely Free here: 


The wonderful recorded teleseminar by Aaron & Shannon titled,"Identifying Your Vision & Mission Statement" is an introduction to a very important piece of work, and that is:

What Are You Really Up To?

Receive help to Clarify, Conceive & Communicate Your Personal Mission Statement by accessing this great recording...absolutely Free here:


Are You Ready To Create Your Future?

Discover a NEW Level Of Consciousness!

Introducing...Operation Alpha!

If you choose to accept this mission, you will receive instant access to a powerful alpha training audio.

WARNING: It is one of the most powerful compositions of intense brainwave entrainment technology ever created!

The following 3 minute video introduces you to Operation Alpha and how it could literally change your life!

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In the interesting one hour audio book by Nathan Shedroff titled "Conscious Capitalism" a panel of leaders in business, design and innovation will debate WHY a deeper understanding of human nature needs to be central to a 21st century business strategy and how it can challenge people's attitudes toward consumerism.

Receive this informative audio book...absolutely Free here:


Business Fights Poverty is the international free-to-join professional network for those passionate about fighting poverty through "Good Business!"

The network connects practitioners and experts around the world to form a global community of pioneers pushing the boundaries of how business can fight poverty.

Business Fights Poverty's members are corporate executives, social entrepreneurs, investors, donor agency staff, policy officials, non-government organization staff, academics, students and many others who are just interested.

Members use the network to connect with like-minded professionals, share ideas through blogs and discussions, and learn about the latest trends through videos, podcasts, case studies and book reviews.

Their vision is of an active global community of pioneers pushing the boundaries of how business can fight poverty, empowered by the connections they make and the ideas they generate.

Learn more about the truly revolutionary Business Fights Poverty Network and Create And Be The Change here:


"Leadership is about standing for excellence and leveraging every hour of your day to present your gifts to those around you."

Robin Sharma

Become A Truly Authentic Leader!

Robin Sharma's amazing 12 Week Online Program titled "Leadership For Everyone" is based on Robin's best selling book titled "Leadership Wisdom From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari."

*You can pick up a copy of Robin's book at the Secret Wealth Network's Online Bookstore.

Robin presents a rich and varied program that includes exclusive video and audio clips, exercises and step by step instructions which will show you how to live as an authentic leader in your everyday life.

The "Leadership For Everyone" Online Program offers you the keys to understanding how to unleash the leader that lies within and offers you a journey of transformation and growth that will lead you onwards to a path of authentic success.

Anyone Can Be An Authentic Leader...Even YOU!

Learn more exciting details about Robin Sharma's fabulous online program here:


Also from Robin: Leadership Expert Robin Sharma has created a very timely Social Network called Success Nation: Helping You Stay At Your Best In Turbulent Times."

Robin's fantastic social network is for people who have dedicated themselves to "leading without a title" and standing for what's best - in these turbulent times.

Success Nation has participants from over 100 nations and together, they have committed to make a BIG difference in the world.

Learn more exciting details about Robin Sharma's Social Network Success Nation and join them...absolutely Free here:

And Lastly from Robin: Leadership Expert Robin Sharma has a truly outstanding Podcast Series which will help you to "lead without a title" and step into the best person you can be, the person you were born to be.

Here is just a sampling of the Podcasts you can access from Robin's series:

  • One Minute To Being Human
  • From Dream To Action
  • What Makes A Leader?
  • Everyones A Leader
  • Only The Weird Win
  • Get Brilliant At Asking
  • Stand Up For Greatness
  • Reasons To Shine
  • Only The Curious Survive
  • Innovate Or Go Home
  • Your Health Is Your Wealth
  • Lessons On Leadership From U2...and more!

Access this truly outstanding Podcast Series from Robin Sharma...absolutely Free here:


Attention Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Coaches, Healers, Etc...

Learn To Sell By Giving!

Selling By Giving is a community and system that is pioneering a more conscious and more effective way of doing business!

And Selling By Giving would like to help you to build your business or practice into a "soul centered", six figure practice...and they would like to get you started for Free!

Well, it IS called Selling By Giving!

Brian Whetten Ph.D, the Founder of Selling By Giving is giving away a Practice/Business Building Kit worth $197.00 which includes:

  • A comprehensive practice building assessment - This tool shines a light on exactly where your practice or business is at today.
  • The full first module of the Selling By Giving Course - This includes a set of handouts and exercises, an Ebook, and 2 CDs for you to download or listen to online.
  • A subscription to the Selling By Giving  E - Coaching Service
  • Access to one of the upcoming Selling By Giving introductory teleclasses

Receive this truly fabulous Practice/Business Building Kit, (a $197.00 value)...absolutely Free here:


"Good business methodology does not need to be reinvented every day, just improved upon."

"We believe the end goal in creating wealth is to ultimately channel it towards social actions, so there is no reason to avoid or fear capitalism - just dig in."

Multi Millionaire Entrepreneur & Philanthropist Mike Mann

Mike Mann's extraordinary new book titled,"Make Millions & Make Change!"contains successful strategies aimed to help and advise you on how to earn millions in your business of that you can fund your philandrophic dreams. 

To quote from the book's Introduction Page:

"The authors of this book operate the charity, an organization that provides free technologies to other nonprofits and promotes social action through our network of websites. We also operate the charitable fund Make Change! Trust.

We are able to rigorously pursue this nonprofit work because of our successful business practices that we apply to many of our modern corporations, including Washington VC,, Yield Software,, and, to name a few.

We have documented most of our strategies so you can make millions in your business of choice.  Then, given your newfound success, our hope is that you will benefit society by contributing extra time and money to the causes that you favor, as we have with and Make Change! Trust."

Mike Mann

Make Millions And Make Change! is a living document that can serve as your raw code to "get rich and serve the world."

This idea represents a critical part of the New Paradigm of Fundraising for Nonprofits, ladies and gentlemen! 

This Also Represents The Future Direction Of Business & Industry!

Whether you want to take on global industries or just improve your corner store, this wonderful book provides profitable strategies for ANY Business or that they can get on with it and Change The World!

Receive Mike Mann's Life Changing & Revolutionary Ebook and/or request a Hard Copy of the Book to be mailed to you...both absolutely Free here:

*To learn more about, access our web page titled "Create Gratitude Journal" and look under "Create And Be The Change."


Think Big Magazine - It's About Empowerment!

An Awesome New Personal Development Magazine!

Donald Trump once said: "You are going to think anyway, you may as well think BIG."

Think Big Magazine Is Seeking Readers Who Like To Think Big!

Global in it's perspective, Think Big Magazine focuses on BIG ideas, people who are changing the world, inspirational stories, and everyday wisdom. 

Think Big also features authors and "big thinkers" such as Christopher Howard and The Secret's Teacher John Demartini. 

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"If there were ever a time for New, it's NOW!"

Mitch Axelrod

"The NEW Game Of Business" is a terrific book. It's filled with nuggets and more nuggets of real - world business and life building wisdom. I wish I had it 20 years ago, and I needed to read it now. It's an excellent piece of work."

Bob Berg - author of the bestseller "The Success Formula"

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We are our ONLY hope, there is nobody else! 

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The New Game is NOT just's Personal!

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Business is very personal!

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Sharon Lechter, Creator of

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Benjamin Lang is a 16 year old entrepreneur who lives in New York.

Ben's goal in life is to be a successful, famous entrepreneur.

Ben already has 3 businesses!

Ben has recently launched a motivational website for young entrepreneurs.

"One powerful story could motivate me to do anything. I feel that conquering the world is no longer an ordeal."

Ben Lang

Now I'M inspired and Ben!

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*Also young people, please be sure to check out the 2 extraordinary Free resources on the web page titled "Find Your Life's Purpose" called "The Dream Doers League" and "Tiger's Action Plan."

Now, On To The Conscious Business Success Portal...

But First, A Few Important Quotes About The Man To Whom I Dedicate This Web Page To...

"One Sunday, Mrs. Peale and I were invited by our friends and church members, Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Small, to a luncheon at one of the big hotels in New York. Their cosmetic company salesmen, about a thousand, were assembled, representatives of one of the most prosperous Negro controlled businesses in the country. A large group of our church members are among the dynamic individuals who make up this great sales organization. I was given the honor of extending greetings and then had the privilege of listening to one of the greatest platform speakers I have heard since as a boy I was thrilled by the incomparable William Jennings Bryan. And indeed, this marvelous speaker, S. B. Fuller, had many of the qualities of Bryan's - eloquence, humor, down-to-earth salty wisdom, religious emphasis and inspiration of an unusually high order. Mr. Fuller's speech and the manner of his delivery, were a memorable experience. I was tremendously moved by this remarkable man, a great business leader, and vital Christian."

Quote From the Legendary Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, from his book "Enthusiasm Makes The Difference."

"S.B Fuller carried with him the invisible talisman with the initials PMA, (Positive Mental Attitude), imprinted on one side, and NMA (Negative Mental Attitude), on the other. He turned the PMA side up and amazing things happened. He was able to bring into reality ideas that were formerly mere daydreams."

Quote from the legendary Success Masters and Authors Napoleon Hill & W. Clement Stone from their classic book, "Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude."

"Each of us, at one time or another, has the vague fantasy that some day a miracle will occur and the big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will fall into our laps, and we'll never have to work again. S. B. Fuller knew better. He didn't wait for the miracle or the pot of gold, but created his own miracle. Still he is one of the least-known African American entrepreneurs, even though he was the role model and mentor for John H. Johnson, (Ebony Magazine) and George Johnson, (Johnson Products)."

Quote by author Brooke M. Stephens from the book "Talking Dollars & Making Sense."

"What was Fuller's secret? What power, known or unknown, allowed him to leave the masses of the impoverished and join the ranks of the wealthy in the teeth of a depression? Listen as he unveils the key. "I knew exactly what I wanted - I had to be a millionaire." With only a sixth grade education, Fuller began reading for self development. "When you know that you don't know, you've got to read." His favorite books were the Bible, Robert Collier's "Secret Of The Ages", and Napoleon Hill's "Think & Grow Rich." One day Fuller read a single fact that changed his outlook: Of the 4043 millionaires in America then, 3954 had not finished high school. This helped fuel his desire - "If they can do it, so can I!" Within five years, Fuller had dozens of salespeople and a small factory. He had bought real estate, a drug company, a department store, a string of theaters, and two black newspapers. And yes, he had become a millionaire."

"In October 1951, when the fifteenth anniversary meeting was held in Chicago, there were 3000 people working with Fuller Products Company. In 1955, the company began to hold annual company conventions at which the top salespeople were recognized with prizes such as a Cadillac for the top salesperson. During this period, Fuller purchased the New York Age and also gained a controlling interest in the Pittsburgh Courier, both newspapers with an african american readership. In a September 1956 "Businessmen In The News" profile, Fortune noted that Fuller Products Company's gross sales were $18 million. By 1963, Fuller controlled nine corporations, including farming and cattle interests, a department store in Chicago, and the Courier chain of newspapers."

Both Quotes from author Dennis Kimbro, from the book "Think & Grow Rich: A Black Choice?"

"It is contrary to the laws of nature for man to stand still; he must move forward, or the eternal march of progress will force him backward."

S.B. Fuller

"One generation lays the foundation for succeeding generations."

Booker T. Washington

The Conscious Business Success Portal Is Lovingly Dedicated To The Memory, The Profound Courage & The Conscious Service Of A Man Who Was My Personal Mentor During A Most Fateful Year For Me, 1983, The Year I Turned 18 Years Old...Business Pioneer Extraordinare, S.B. Fuller, Founder Of The Fuller Products Company.

Here is an example of Mr. Fuller's innate Consciousness in Business more than 50 years before the term "Conscious Business" was even invented. I said on another web page on this website that to the Conscious Business Entrepreneur, there is no such thing as Competition. Check the following example of this truth from within a quote in regard to Mr. Fuller:

"Fuller himself consistently supported black businesses. In the 1950s for example, when Johnson Products was burned out of it's small cosmetics operation, Fuller enabled George Johnson and his company to use Fuller's facilities in the interim. That Johnson was a competitor was irrelevant."

Now THAT's what I call Consciousness!

The following quote and mantra from Mr. Fuller, became a mantra for Mr. Fuller's sales force, a third of which was white, at a time of immense discrimination against african americans, when the Civil Rights Movement was in full force and before Civil Rights Legislation had even been passed. This quote also speaks to Mr. Fuller's innate Consciousness:

At Fuller Products Company, there is only ONE race - the Human Race!"

S. B. Fuller

*To learn much more about Mr. Fuller and my own personal and pivotal experience with him, please check out the web page on this website titled "Law Of Attraction Example."

"In the New Paradigm, the Conscious Business Entrepreneur will become the new "Guru!"

Pamela K. Jones

To set the proper tone, check out this truly awesome 2 minute video titled "Entrepreneurs Can Change The World!" here:

That was pretty cool, huh? Next, let's begin with an excellent and "on point" definition of exactly what an "Inspired" or "Conscious" Entrepreneur is:

"An Inspired Entrepreneur is a special kind of business owner who artfully blends "head and heart" to create a successful business that not only makes them wealthy - but at the same time - enables them to expand their potential, express their passions, and live a lifestyle of freedom, individuality and contribution."

Nick Williams, Author & Inspired Entrepreneur

Exactly! Thank you Nick! You hit the nail right on the head! And, of course, an "Inspired" Entrepreneur is a Conscious Entrepreneur. They are both one in the same! 

I created this highly unique web page because, having struggled with having my own small business and being an entrepreneur for almost my whole life, I KNOW how difficult it can be!

This web page is what I would have LOVED to have had during those many years of struggle. I have tremendous respect for small business owners for many reasons. The first reason, is because the small business owner/entrepreneur is someone who has said "thanks, but no thanks" to working for someone else.

They basically said NO to,"playing it safe" and for the most part, said YES to their dreams!

And I know that it was not easy for many of you!

The Entrepreneur is the TRUE definition of what a Leader really is because the entrepreneur has basically decided that they can "lead" themselves, doing what they choose to do, and that they can determine for themselves how much money they can earn or how much money they are worth, thank you very much!

Now, of course, how much money that you know you are worth and actually earning it is not always the same thing, especially when you are just starting out.  

But that does not stop the entrepreneur from setting out on that unpaved and unknown road with NO iron clad guarantee that it will actually work out. That takes tremendous courage, leadership and guts and receives my total admiration, awe and respect, particularly in this society of "followers" which is finally beginning to collapse under the weight of the false illusion which has been propping them up all this time aka Wall Street, Inauthentic Spiritual Leaders, or whomever else is out there masquerading as or falsely labeling themselves "a Leader."

I guess that this would make the Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur a True Pioneer!

"People want businesses to do good in the world. It's that simple. We need a deeper, fundamental reform in the essence of business."

John Mackey

On the web page "A New Paradigm Unveiled", I mentioned that John Mackey, CEO and Founder of Whole Foods Market was one of the first originators of the term "Conscious Capitalism" and he strongly believes that "all problems may be solved entrepreneurially."

I would have to say that not only do I agree with Mackey 100% on that score, but again, I was personally mentored in 1983 by S. B. Fuller, a TRUE Master of Enterprise at the young age of 18 years old, a man who basically believed and taught me, (and many others), the exact same philosophy.

And believe me, it was not a philosophy that was very popular back then. Not by a longshot! Which is why I almost discounted it. My Mentor, Mr. Fuller, was one of the very first Conscious Business Pioneers.

Mr. Fuller's example was a guiding force for much of the entrepreneurial philosophy included within this website, and I should also mention that I owe my very life to Mr. Fuller because if it were not for Mr. Fuller and the Fuller Products Company, I would not have even been born!

You see, my parents met, fell in love, and married, while working together at Fuller Products Company. They were "Fullerites" which was the term used for Fuller Products salesmen and women. Even though I only got to know Mr. Fuller personally in 1983, I practically grew up with Mr. Fuller, who was a regular visitor in our home and I vividly remember attending Fuller Products Sales Meetings as a child...and being bored to tears!

I must also mention that BOTH of my parents were top salespeople at Fuller Products and their courtship began with them being friendly rivals and them both trying to outdo each other in sales!

One other very progressive thing about Fuller Products Company was the fact that the men and women were both equals. That was practically unheard of at that time. Mr. Fuller's wife Lestine was his first salesperson and she helped him run his various businesses.

I would like to also dedicate this web page to my parents, since it was their examples of going from Fuller Products Salespeople to small business owners, which gave me a base and a grounding in the entrepreneurial experience from a very early age. This was going exactly according to Mr. Fuller's overall plan with Fuller Products, because the main purpose of Fuller Products was always intended to be a launch pad for Fullerites to "progress" beyond Fuller Products, (progress being one of Mr. Fuller's favorite words), and start their own businesses.

And Mr. Fuller succeeded beautifully with his plan. Not only did thousands of Fullerites do just like my parents each did, launch their own small businesses, but Mr. Fuller helped to launch some of the most legendary and prominent African American Business Owners in U.S. history.

Business owners like John H. Johnson, of Ebony Magazine, who became the first African American to appear on the Forbes Top 400 Business List, George Johnson of Johnson Products Company and Joe Dudley of Dudley Products Company, to name just a few.

"If there had been no you, there would be no us. We are here to say to a Prophet in his own time, and in his own community, that we have been touched and transformed by your life - and we are profoundly grateful."

John H. Johnson in a champagne toast, along with George E.Johnson, Joe Dudley and 2000 other former "Fullerites" (including my parents), at Mr. Fuller's 70th Birthday Dinner in 1975.

Mr. Fuller saw his mission as showing others that they could do just like he did, and could even become more successful than he in the process, and that's exactly what happened. It kind of reminds me of that quote from Jesus the Christ in the Bible, paraphrasing..."Greater things shall ye do."

I even found a relevant quote from one of those businessmen whom Mr. Fuller schooled and mentored and who went on to do even "greater things" than Mr Fuller did in business. Joe Louis Dudley of the multi-million dollar Dudley Products Company and his wife and partner Eunice also started out and worked as "Fullerites" right along side with my Mom and Dad. Here is the quote:

"S. B. Fuller, who died in 1988, may well be an unsung national hero, Dudley believes. In fact, Dudley keeps Fuller's desk and chair in his own office and refuses to drive anything other than a Cadillac, the car of choice for Fuller. Dudley's Company acquired the rights to what was left of Fuller Products in 1984, and Dudley continues to manufacture and distribute some original Fuller cosmetics. "He had a mission of Economic Freedom and Self Sufficiency," Dudley explains about his mentor. "Be job makers rather than job takers." His philosophy was for every disadvantage, there was an advantage. That's what I liked."

Quote from the book "Rags To Riches" by Alan Lavine and Gail Liberman

Yes, S. B. Fuller was truly something special and a man of TRUE consciousness, and he knew his calling and followed it, not trying to seek attention, accolades, titles, awards or glory for himself, which is probably why this is the first time that many of you have heard of him. 

In contrast, there are people, whom I know of personally here in Los Angeles, who avidly seek and receive awards for basically doing nothing, in my opinion, certainly nothing notable, innovative or revolutionary, particularly when compared to Mr. Fuller.

Mr. Fuller did not care about any of that. He was just about doing what he was born here to do; to SERVE the highest good by showing others how to lead and become entrepreneurs greater than himself. His reward was the only reward that truly mattered, his own consciousness in knowing that he was fulfilling his mission and purpose in life, even if no other person recognized him for it. The only opinion that mattered to Mr. Fuller in regard to himself was his own opinion.

Now THAT'S a Leader, someone whose sole intention is NOT to cultivate more followers, but whose ONLY intention is to create more even more empowered and successful Leaders. Mr. Fuller was not about encouraging laziness or co-dependence on him, where Fullerites would just be satisfied with remaining under his roof, soaking up his wisdom and teachings while limiting their own growth and personal insight in the process.

I liken Mr. Fuller to the mother bird, where when the mother bird knows it is time, she will literally take the little bird in her mouth and drop it out of the nest, forcing the little bird to fly on it's own. It's the greatest gift that can be given to the little bird because that mother is gifting her offspring with "growing up", empowering them with freedom and the ability to fly wherever they may choose.

She is severing the psychological umbilical cord and that is exactly what Mr. Fuller did. This is what TRUE Consciousness looks like, ladies and gentlemen, with no hype or smoke and mirrors. Truly Conscious Leadership does NOT encourage or cultivate followers.

In fact, if a supposed Leader has as his or her intent on cultivating more followers than leaders, aka more people who are forever dependent on him or her in some way, versus creating those empowered ones aka more Leaders, who have moved on to stand in their own wisdom and power, and furthermore, if the follower's dependence on the Leader is in any way profitable for him or her, meaning that it is profitable or in any other way advantageous for this supposed Leader to keep you in the follower status, that pretty much let's you know that this guy or gal is a total and complete fraud. This is what tells the REAL DEAL versus the illusion or fairy tale, ladies and gentlemen. It is what separates the True Leader from what Mr. Fuller use to personally call the "False Prophet."

"A True Master is not the one with the most students, but the one who creates the most Masters."

Neale Donald Walsch

Exactly! And that is a PERFECT description of Mr. Fuller; a man who was a True Master. Going back to my working in my family's multiple businesses since I was a child, this was not always appreciated by me because it meant that me and my brothers and sister worked after school, on weekends and during the summer vacation...whether we liked it or not!

Thankfully, I now have immense gratitude for the experience and the work ethic that it helped to cultivate within me. It came in REALLY handy while creating this website! My parents were a rarity back then, who actually taught us that we did not need to go to college to succeed and taught us that working for someone else was essentially giving up our independence and freedom. Thanks Mom & Dad! And by the way, my parents have been married for 46 years this year, (2009).

"The TRUE purpose of Capitalism is ultimately about serving the Whole aka Humanity."

Pamela K. Jones

This was a major part of Mr. Fuller's overall message. I strongly believe that I had that life changing mentorship at 18 years old so that I could birth and create what I am now birthing and creating via The Secret Wealth Network, to share with many at this very pivotal time in human history.

"Where there is capitalism, there is freedom!"

S. B. Fuller

I also strongly believe that many of you are here on earth right now for this very same reason, to innovate, create, birth something new in order to replace what is now crumbling. Those of you who are dreamers, pioneers, innovators, creators, entrepreneurs...whatever you wish to call yourselves.  

We need you guys and gals...and we need you right now! 

The Time For You To Activate Is Now!

We need your CSI...No, NOT the TV show...your Creativity, your Skills and your Innovation!

The economy is crumbling, businesses and industries are collasping because we need to focus on creating something totally new. That is where you guys and gals come in! 

"Conscious Business Owners are quickly becoming the visionary leaders of the world!"

Christine Kloser - author of the book "Conscious Entrepreneurs: A Radical New Approach To Purpose, Passion & Profit".

And that is EXACTLY what the world needs right now, Entrepreneurial Leaders with vision, who are capable of seeing the "big picture" and then creating from that vision. Although the economy is now slowly improving thanks to measures taken by the Obama Administration, jobs are still being lost at an extraordinary rate and this job loss trend is predicted by most economists to go on for years.

"This is an incredible opportunity. We get to reinvent everything. We get to completely change the world!"

Christina Wyly, Partner with Satori Capital, Conscious Investor, Venture Philanthropist

Christina Wyly is very correct. In fact, that is what many of us are here to do, "completely change the world." We will do that by the businesses that we create, and the more conscious these businesses are aka the more they SERVE the whole/humanity, the more worldchanging they will be.

"When the dust settles from this Armageddon, the ONLY companies left standing are going to be the ones that stand for something; that improves people's lives."

Ray Spence, CEO of GSD & M Idea City, Co Author of "It's Not What You Sell, It's What You Stand For."

This is why I know that my prediction about Conscious Business Entrepreneurs becoming the "New Gurus" is totally 100% on the money. And what is even better is that ANY person with the desire to be one can. This is democracy at it's best!

In regard to the job loss declines which show no sign of stopping, this is a sign of the New Paradigm because business creation is not keeping pace with businesses and industries that are closing because these businesses are old news now.

We need MORE people taking the initiative to create, innovate and birth their own unique and new business visions to help to rebuild what is now crumbling, disappearing and fading.

And I would like to at least attempt to make it a whole lot easier for you budding and already established entrepreneurial guys and gals to do just that. Essentially, it's time for us all to RE-LEARN much of what we thought we already knew to successfully compete in this New Paradigm, and re-learning how to do business more effectively and productively is the most critical of all, in my personal opinion.

Hence, the reason for the creation of The Conscious Business Success Portal! 

This is exactly what I would have wanted to have while starting out on my own small business journey.

And this is why I now gift this Online Portal to you!

During the process of researching for the content of this website over the last more than 2.5 years, I discovered TONS and TONS, (550+), of extremely valuable Business Building tools and resources to help ANY business owner, professional, consultant, entrepreneur, coach, etc. become more successful in their business...and the vast majority of these valuable resources are absolutely Free! 

Including the tools and resources above, following is the remainder of the complete 550+ listing of these extraordinary business tools and resources which I believe will tremendously benefit you and greatly help your business to prosper...that is if you will allow yourself to receive this great gift!   

You will find an astounding 550+ Conscious Business Entrepreneurs who are offering you their help and unique expertise to help you to prosper and succeed in your business or profession.

"When in doubt, Give!"

Pamela K. Jones

There is NOTHING anywhere else on the worldwide web that matches the level of expertise and the sheer amount of Giving that this web page, (and entire website), does. It is truly unprecedented! 

If you were to search the world to find the top business expert on earth right now and pay him or her several thousands of dollars an hour to help you to prosper in your business, you STILL would not match the value and the level and diversity of expertise in a wide variety of different fields which you will find on this one web page.

Instead of relying on the business expertise and consciousness of ONE, you have here the expertise and consciousness of MANY, in fact hundreds...and you have it mostly for Free!

How cool is that?

This is why the TRUE value of this web page, in addition to the many other web pages on this website, really cannot be calculated because it is that vast!

"We need red blood cells to live, the same way a business needs profits to live, but the purpose of life is not to make red blood cells, the same way the purpose of business is not to exist to make profits."

Ed Freeman, author of "The Stakeholder Management Model."

You got that Wall Street and Co? Conscious Business or Conscious Capitalism are terms that will soon become a major part of our everyday lexicon or vocabulary, and it is my intention that this website will play a major role in that happening.

I am also hoping to bring the term "Conscious Business" mainstream, because so many people, business and otherwise, have never even heard of it. To repeat an often stated phrase by then Presidential Candidate Obama during his 2008 election campaign:

"We are the ones we have been waiting for! We are the change that we seek!"

Then Candidate Obama

Ladies & Gentlemen, it is time for each of us to roll up our sleeves and get to work! 

Doing what, you ask?

Doing whatever your heart desires which translates to your own unique purpose or mission in life. If you have no idea what that may be, another unique web page on this website titled,"Find Your Life's Purpose" was created just for you!

I would like to end with one final point and I will begin it with a quote:

"Two generations ago, going to work for a Company was "security" and working for yourself from your home was "risky". Today, it's gone the other way around."

Paul Zane Pilzer, from his best selling 2005 book titled "The Next Millionaires."

I read the book "The Next Millionaires" when it came out in 2005, just 4 years ago, and I knew then that what Pilzer stated was absolutely true, as well as many other things he predicted. I don't know how I knew, I just did.

Ever since reading that book 4 years ago, my mind has been working, contemplating and figuring out just how to capitalize on the then coming Megatrend...which we are NOW in the midst of! 

The entire basis for the book "The Next Millionaires" was Pilzer's prediction that the U.S. would create "10 Million New Millionaires within the next 10 years."

This prediction was made in 2005, so this means that Pilzer predicts the U.S. will create 10 million New Millionaires by 2015. That's less than 6 years from now.

Before I go any further, Paul Zane Pilzer is a Futurist. This means that he looks into the future and predicts coming trends. And he is usually right on the money!

By the way, if you were to read Pilzers book "The Next Millionaires" in regard to the current economic crisis, you will find that he predicted much of what is now happening 4 years later. 

Pilzer is also a very respected Economist who has been an Economic Advisor to 2 Presidential Administrations and all of his many books have been bestsellers.

Here is another quote from "The Next Millionaires":

"Home based businesses are one of the fastest growing segments of our economy, and that trend  will only continue as the Age of the Corporation, which began barely a century ago, now gives way to the Age of the Entrepreneur."

Paul Zane Pilzer

Pilzer predicted that we would see an Entrepreneurial Explosion in the U.S., so much so that the coming Age would be identified via Entrepreneurship, and that many of these New Entrepreneurs would become Millionaires.

This now brings me to exactly HOW Pilzer predicts these"10 Million New Millionaires" will be created. Pilzer predicts that the vast majority of these new businesses will be "home based businesses"...which brings me to a final quote from Pilzer's highly prophetic 2005 book:

"Make no mistake: there is a crisis, a trend of epidemic proportions going in the other direction in America. Right now, Network Marketing is the ONLY force I see on the horizon that has the potential to make this kind of huge change!"

Paul Zane Pilzer

See ladies and gentlemen...there IS a method to my madness! Hence, the main reason for the creation of The Secret Wealth Network's Business Opportunity Concept which I predict will play a significant role in helping to create those 10 Million New Entrepreneurs and/or Millionaires!

Which Is, Of Course, It's Main Purpose!

I personally believe that the direction that the U.S. economy is headed in regard to this emerging New Paradigm, is an economy that is less dependent on job growth and more dependent on small business growth and more Americans becoming entrepreneurs. Many of the industries which are currently collasping are doing so because of the increasing innovation of mankind in finding ways to do things in a much easier and leaner fashion, which is a GOOD thing.

The seeming paradox of this increased innovation means less manpower aka fewer employees in the job market. While this may "seem" dire or troubling at the outset, in actuality it is not, because the New Paradigm is simply making way for people to become more empowered and pioneering via becoming new entrepreneurs.

If Pilzer is correct about the 10 million new millionaires created via entrepreneurship within the upcoming years, the vast majority of those new entrepreneurs will be people who were former employees in the job market.

This is all part and parcel of what this amazing New Paradigm is all about...Self Empowerment via no longer depending on some outside entity, (a boss, company, industry, corporation, etc.), to determine whether or not you have a livelihood or what that livelihood is worth. This is "self determination" at it's best!

Just another instance of what is "seemingly" or on the surface looking really bad, being in reality all good!

In fact, I would like to end by quoting one of the Fuller Products Company's Mantras which I believe is PERFECT for this historic occasion of what we all need to do in regard to progressing and creating within this emerging New Paradigm:

"No matter what the situation...Go To Work!"

The Fuller Products Company Mantra

Let's all take a page from S. B. Fuller and also my beloved hometown, the amazing Chicago aka "The City That Works!" and become the "The Country That Works!"

Peace & Blessings Everyone!

And wherever you may reside...Let's Get To Work!

*Paul Zane Pilzer has updated his predictions from his 2005 bestselling book "The New Millionaires" by creating an extraordinary 6 CD audio program titled "The Entrepreneurial Challenge."

Learn more exciting details about this truly amazing audio program by Paul Zane Pilzer and test drive it for 30 days...for only $1.00 here:

*Please check out the web pages on this website titled "Two Titans Endorse MLM" and "The Spirituality Of MLM" for more important information in regard to this emerging and profitable trend.

**Also, for Expert Tax Info in regard to your home based business, check out the web page titled "World's Best Tax Shelter."

I also strongly suggest that you pick up the book "Be The Solution: How Entrepreneurs And Conscious Capitalists Can Solve The World's Problems" by Michael Strong and John Mackay, at The Secret Wealth Network's Online Bookstore.

Returning to The Conscious Business Success Portal, I also strongly suggest that you go through the ENTIRE list of 550+ offerings with a pen and notepad handy. 

There are so many fabulous resources here to help you and your business prosper and you should try to review each and every one. 

The best way to do this is by printing out a copy of this entire listing from your email account via the email address below.

I suggest that you write down numbers of each item which appeals to you based on the description given, and when you are finished with the entire list, either access them directly from the emailed document, (which is highly preferable to minimize web traffic), or come back to visit only the links that you wrote down via their number. 

I have given enough info in the descriptions of each offering for you to make a good choice. This will save you a lot of time and is much more efficient. Please do not get overwhelmed! Just choose a handful of resources at a time.

I would like to make just one request of you who will utilize this Business Success Portal to either start your own business or make your existing business or profession more successful. 

Please "pay it forward" or give back to others...the same way that the Conscious Entrepreneurs here are very generously giving of their great expertise to you. 

You will be very glad you did because you will attract even more good to you while feeling great to be utilizing your expertise in service to others! Peace Everyone!

*If you need a very affordable and high quality website for your business or organization for less than $10.00 a month, with many outstanding features, NO set up fees, Free activation and a Free domain name, which also includes a special discount, please go to the web page on this website titled,"Get Your Team Website Here."

**Also be sure to check out the web page on this website titled "Free Bus Opp & Job Info!"

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A Very Special Spotlight...

The Craigslist Foundation's Non Profit Boot Camp

Get Educated, Empowered & Connected!

The Craigslist Foundation's Non Profit Bootcamp offers any Conscious Business Owner or Non Profit Organization an extraordinary scope of expertise by the best experts currently in the field in a diverse amount of topics which will help you to succeed in your business or non profit.

Here is just a sampling of the full workshops via Podcast which you will have complete access to:

  • Succeeding As An Emerging Social Entrepreneur
  • Mobilizing Generation 2.0
  • Advancing Your Cause: Planning An Advocacy Strategy
  • Socially Responsible Outsourcing: A New Model For Sustainable Economic Development
  • Your Board & Fundraising: An Introductory Class For Non Profits
  • Tax Exempt Status
  • Community Building In The Real World & Online
  • Branding Strategies For Non Profits
  • Free & Low Cost Resources
  • Be Bold!: Creating Careers With Impact!
  • Critical Financial Knowledge For Non Profit Leaders
  • Elements Of Start Up: Applying Entrepreneurial Ideology To Your Social Venture
  • Internet Strategy On The Cheap
  • Reality Grantmaking
  • Social Entrepreneurialship 101: At The Leading Edge Of Social Change...and much more!

Access the truly excellent and priceless "Craigslist Foundation's Nonprofit Bootcamp" Podcast Series...absolutely Free here:


Receive a Free audiobook copy of the outstanding book by bestselling author Chris Andersen titled "Free: The Future Of A Radical Price" here:

Also, check out this cool 3 minute video on Chris's book "Free" here:


Access an outstanding audio by Bruce Painter, author of the best selling book, "The Giving Zone" titled "How To Achieve Stellar Results Using Giving Zone Principles"...absolutely Free here:

*To help you to further succeed in your business or non profit organization, I have created a direct link to the web page on The Secret Wealth Network's Online Bookstore which leads to hundreds of excellent books on Conscious Business and Business Success in a variety of diverse areas here:

"Our creative expressions tell us - and others - who we are. They tell us how we are each distinct and unique, as well as how we are part of a unified whole."

Julie Ann Turner

1) Are You Ready To Discover The Work You Were Born To Do & Become An Inspired Entrepreneur?

The 9 Part Multimedia Ecourse by Entrepreneurial Expert Nick Williams called "Discover The Work You Were Born To Do" is a distillation of some of the key ideas contained in Nick's best selling book "The Work We Were Born To Do".

The purpose of this extraordinary course is to give you all the information you need to begin the process of discovering your vocation.

Here is a sneak peek at what you will discover:

  • An entirely NEW vision for work and it's place in your life.
  • Why the work you were born to do is as unique to you as your fingerprint.
  • Why entrepreneurship is the greatest vehicle for your passions.
  • Why work is NOT a choice between love and money - you can have both!
  • Your "resistance" and what really happens when you follow your dreams.
  • The 5 characteristics of the work you were born to do.
  • How to unearth the beliefs about work that are silently holding you back.
  • A NEW vision for entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • How to begin shaping ideas into a REAL business starting today...and more!

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Become A Member Of The Inspired Entrepreneurs Club!

Would you like to:

  • Discover your calling and turn your passions into a dream business?
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  • Play bigger and make an authentic difference in the world?

Are you ready to join a community of Inspired Entrepreneurs who are:

  • Passionate about following their calling and growing beyond their fears?
  • Financially successful without compromising their integrity and values?
  • Passionate about personal growth and nurturing new abilities and talents?
  • Embracing their work as a lifelong adventure to explore their potential?
  • Committed to encouraging and supporting each other for the long-term?
  • Building successful businesses that contribute to the lives of others?

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2) Would You Like To Know The Secret To Making More Money, Having More Time Off, And Reigniting The Passion For Your Business? 

The Expert Entrepreneur Success Coach, Melanie Benson Strick, will show you how! 

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3) Metro Mom - Connecting Women, Creating Change!

Where do you find like-minded, great women?

Attention Entrepreneurial Moms - Your Success Is A Reflection Of The 5 People You Hang Out With The Most!

Now just imagine the results you will create when you surround yourself with other great women?

Join the Metro Mom Community, a Free community of dynamic entrepreneurial women and moms and achieve greater success...your way!

  • Join a unique tribe of highly-motivated and evolving women.
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  • Thrive in a supportive community that believes there's plenty of wealth for you to have the richness you desire.

Created by Kim De Young, Founder of, when you sign up as a Free member of this extraordinary community, you will also receive the following outstanding package from Kim:

  • Free CD & Report titled "5 Surprising Secrets Every Mom Entrepreneur Must Know" - These secrets are surprising because they challenge the status-quo on what it really takes to be successful as a mom AND an entrepreneur.
  • Free CD & Report titled "The 7 Deadly Sins Women In Direct Sales Make...And How To Avoid Them".
  • A 3 minute movie which answers the question "What exactly is a Metro Mom?"

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4) Do You Need Bigger Results In Your Business This Year?

"Working Smarter: The Productive Entrepreneur's Guide To Blasting Out Of Overwhelm & Into Peak Performance" by Business Expert Joy Duling, reveals vital information that you need to know as an entrepreneur who is intent on building your business beyond what you are currently experiencing.

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5) Soul-Inspired Entrepreneurs: Yes...You CAN Turn Your Passions & Life Purpose Into A Profit-Filled Business You Love!

Cari Vollmer, Founder Of Life On Track, is offering a fabulous "Inspired Entrepreneur Success Kit" which includes:

  • An incredible Special Report titled "3 Essential Keys For Keeping Your Soul-Inspired Business On Track & 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid!"
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6) Are You Someone Who Would Like To See More Conscious Leadership In The World?

One of the best ways to ensure more Conscious Leadership in the world is to actually step forward and become a Conscious Leader yourself, but the real question is HOW?

Conscious Leadership is one of the most life affirming trends we are witnessing in the world today and it promises to totally transform life and business as we know it.

In this truly inspiring one hour audio program titled "How To Be A Conscious Leader", Entrepreneur Kevin Billet, Founder of "Conscious Company" speaks about the emergence of this growing trend.

Kevin co-created Conscious Company to assist business leaders by teaching them how to initiate and implement this totally new approach to business and leadership.

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7) Stop Chasing & Start Attracting The Perfect Clients & Opportunities In Half The Time!

Are you tired of the traditional technique and numbers driven business concepts?

The old,"if you do this, they will do that" sales pitch designed to close the deal?

Now you can sell from your heart and completely transform your business and life!

"Stop Chasing Business: How To Attract The Perfect Clients Working Half The Time" by best selling author Joe Nunziata, is based on his bestselling book "Spiritual Selling". 

This amazing Ebook will teach you:

  • How fear stops you from moving forward.
  • Where your fear originated and how it is being perpetuated everyday of your life.
  • Why people see themselves as victims and how that thinking stops you dead in your tracks.
  • How to go from victim to Master.
  • 5 keys to elevating your abundance level.
  • How to become a better receiver and increase your attraction level.
  • How to build a success system you can duplicate.
  • The importance of exceeding expectations
  • How to walk the parallel path between spirituality and financial success...and more!

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8) Let Conscious Business Expert, Brandon L.D. Klayman, take your business to an entirely new level giving you greater direction, access and focus. 

Access Brandon's 7 Teleseminar Audio Series:

  • 7 Spiritual Secrets To Selling Your Opportunity Now Emerging
  • Solution Teleseminar: Selling Your Spiritual Solution Series
  • Manifesting Your Milestones
  • The Secret Law Of Attraction
  • Synchronicity Based Business
  • Creating Inspiring Insight
  • Remembering Who You Really Are

Receive this extraordinary recorded audio series, (a $94.00 value), and also a complimentary consultation live with Brandon....all absolutely Free here:

9) There Is Nothing Better Than The Joy We Can Receive From Giving! 

Why not feel great and energized in our business as well as our personal lives too? 

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10) Align Your Business For Outrageous Growth!  

Business Growth Expert Debbie Bermont is offering a wonderful 6 Week Course titled "Marketing Success Tactics For Outrageous Business Growth."

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11) Bill Bartmann Is The "Billionaire Business Coach!" 

He is the ONLY self made billionaire who has exclusively devoted his life to teaching others, and is the leading authority on entrepreneurship in America. 

He has created seven different industries, including a $3.5 billion, 3900 employee international company that he started from his kitchen table with a $13,000.00 loan. 

He has been named National Entrepreneur Of the Year by NASDAQ, USA Today, Merrill Lynch and The Kauffman Foundation. 

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12) "This Ebook was written to help all the entrepreneurs I know who are challenged with too many brilliant ideas, high creativity, and full lives - those enterprising coaches, consultants and service professionals who at times feel exhausted, overwhelmed and isolated. It is my intention for the 13 ideas presented here to support you to have more time for yourself, more profitability for your business and more ease and joy in your life."

Author Karen Capello

Receive Karen Capello's truly wonderful Ebook and Audio Package titled, "How To Overcome Entrepreneurial Overwhelm"...absolutely Free here:

13) "Net Worth without Self-Worth is sand castle wealth. You'll never be content with what you have if you're not happy about who you are" 

Mitch Axelrod

How Do You Elevate Your Game? 

Business Millionaire Expert, Mitch Axelrod, will show you how! 

Get immediate access to six of Mitch's audio series of "Game-Changing" conversations...(a $295.00 value), absolutely Free! 

A treasure trove of wisdom from Mitch Axelrod who shows you how to play and win the new games of business, money and life.

14) Are You Ready To Live Your Passions, Become Wealthy & Change The World While Living A Meaningful Life?

Denis Sabardine shares with you the system he followed to become a successful Social Business Entrpreneur, enjoying an extraordinary life.

Denis has prepared a remarkable Special Report which reveals the cutting edge inside secrets to becoming wealthy and doing great good in the world at the same time. 

This is real substantial stuff from a leader operating from the heart and impacting the world.

In his report "The Key Lessons Of Success You Should Know To Become A Successful Social Business Entrepreneur", you will discover:

  • The hidden key success ingredients that will make the difference, whether you make it or break it, even before you start.
  • Why having a big heart and following your passions will make you wealthy.
  • How to follow a powerful system that will make you wealthy and a major contributor to the world.
  • Why receiving, giving and creating wealth will make you successful.
  • How to build a huge income, learn from top experts and change the world.

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15) Cara Lumen is known as a"Business Success Magnet" with a passion for learning and helping you to live a life of success.

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  • "Why People Buy: The Magnetic Marketing Method" Ebook
  • "The Referral Tree: How To Attract All The Clients You Need" Ebook
  • "9 Magnetic Ways To Strengthen Your Business" Ecourse
  • The Passionately On Purpose Ezine

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16) Receive Self Promotion Expert & Author Raleigh Pinskey's fabulous 60 minute audio program titled "Conquering The Fear Of Promoting Yourself"...absolutely Free here:

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17) Global Entrepreneur and Coach Rivers Corbett has a fabulous Course which reveals the keys to overcoming the many fears people have in regard to becoming an Entrepreneur.

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18) Jim Collins, the best selling author of "Built To Last", a fixture on the Business Week Best Seller List for more than six years, has been featured in Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, The Harvard Business Review and Fast Company.

Jim's most recent book "Good To Great: Why Some Companies Make The Leap...And Other's Don't", has sold 2.5 million hard cover copies since publication and has been translated into 32 languages.

Access over 50 MP3 Downloads as Jim provides succinct advice for leadership, both in business and in the social sectors. 

Everyone can benefit from these lecture snippets which include great ideas such as how to make a "Stop Doing" list and how to evolve into a "Level 5" leader.

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19) Since 2003, Wealth Traders has helped thousands of people worldwide to get on the right track in their lives and businesses with solid and proven ways to create and enjoy wealth.

Wealth Traders offers the following Ecourses and Special Reports to provide an introduction to money, business, marketing, etc. concepts which will help you:

  • "The Million Dollar Secret That Can Change Your Life" Ecourse - This informative 6 Part Ecourse from Dr. Robert Anthony will help you discover why major wealth eludes you and how to change that.
  • "Develop Your Financial IQ" Special Report - This report shows you how to greatly enhance your financial sense in a fun and easy way - and take control of your finances today.
  • "Ten Things You Should Be Doing In Your Business Today" 10 Part Special Report - This 10 Part Special Report summerizes ten vital success keys for boosting your cash flow profits online and offline.
  • "Vital Marketing Crash Course" - Designed specifically for beginners, this 7 Part Ecourse provides easy to understand information that you can use to help you to effectively start your own viral marketing campaign and use it to get more traffic, increase awareness of your business, and create more profit in your business.
  • "Five Golden Rules" - This 6 Part Ecourse addresses 5 key areas which successful business people and investors intuitively apply in all their day to day commerical actitvities.
  • "The 7 Deadly Mistakes Of Online Trading" Special Report by Dr. Asoka Salvarajah reveals how to finally achieve trading consistency, confidence, and relaxed profitability, by banishing the blind spots which cripple 95% of traders...and more!

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20) A New Paradigm For Business Success!

The outstanding "Bridging Heart and Marketing" audio and report program from Judith Sherven, Jim Sniechowski and Lou D'alo, was created especially for people with a sincere desire to help others using heart-based integrity marketing and selling methods.

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21) The "Business Success Tips: Entertaining Insights In Management, Finance, Marketing & Revenue" Podcast Series, bought to you by Personal Life Media, is a humorous and insightful look into the world of running your own business.

Business Success Tips helps listeners make more money in less time and have more fun doing it!

The show hosts are a group of successful entrepreneurs and business consultants, (Paul Sanneman, Sean Daily, Andy Cohen, Lee Strong, Steve Chipman and JC Sanneman), who have gone through the school of hard knocks in business and love sharing their insights and enthusiasm with listeners.

Here are just a few samples of the many fabulous podcast business topics you will find here:

  • New Marketing & Social Media
  • You Tube
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Starting Your Own Business - 4 Part Series
  • Who You Hang With
  • Business Consciousness
  • An Indy Music Producer
  • How To Set Up A Successful Website
  • Social Networking
  • Pursuing Passions
  • Success In A Failing Economy
  • The Three Ps Of Business
  • Adversity and Synchronicity
  • Creating Your Business Reality - 2 Part Series
  • Designing Your Life
  • Starting A Web Based Business
  • Excitement In Business
  • What Are Your Services Worth?
  • Using Business Systems
  • From Job To Doing What You Like
  • Creating Residual Income
  • Success Principles
  • What Is Your Purpose?
  • Value of Failures
  • Cold Calling
  • Business Writeoffs
  • Workaholism
  • Becoming An Consultant
  • Importance of Relationships In Business
  • How To Build Momentum In Your Business
  • Marketing and 3 Rules of Selling...and many more, (the entire series has 200+ podcast episodes!)

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22) The looming economic recession is at the top of the mind of most people these days...and it can strike fear into the hearts of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

In his latest report, Justin Livingston, known as the "Magnetic Marketer", shares with you 3 of the HOTTEST strategies around to help you thrive during any economic uncertainty.

Inside his report, you will discover:

  • The #1 best way to make absolute certain your customers keep buying from you...despite tightening their budgets.
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23) Grow Your Business With The Best, Easiest, Most Reliable Teleseminar System Ever!

Conference calls and teleseminars are simply the most affordable and effective marketing tools available for reaching larger audiences, building relationships with prospects, providing value to clients and customers, and conducting group programs and services by telephone or internet.

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24) Access The Conscious Business Podcast Series At Personal Life Media!

Here is just a sampling of the topics you will find there:

  • Bright Green Future
  • Megatrends: 2010 With Patricia Aburdene
  • Megatrends II: Beyond the Information Age
  • The Non-Negotiables Of Conscious Business
  • The Business Of Being Spiritual
  • Conscious Business & The Internet
  • By The Way, What Is A Conscious Business?

Access this remarkable Conscious Business Podcast Series...absolutely Free here: 

25) Receive the following from author Randy Pennington:

  • Results Rule - An audio program based on Randy's book
  • Integrity-Driven Leadership - This audio program shares the secrets for becoming a leader that earns and maintains the trust of followers.
  • "On My Honor, I Will: Leading With Integrity In Changing Times" Ebook

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26) Would You Like To Learn How You Can Become A Spiritualpreneur? 

How about a Spiritual Coach? 

Receive an amazing E-Treasure Chest from Spiritual Marketing Expert Sharon Wilson with more than $997.00 worth of real world solutions for your more effective business and life Free at the following link:

27) Would You Like To Learn How To Lead? 

This Leadership System teaches the 48 essential skills needed to be an effective and respected leader.

This website offers several great business and personal development tools for you to choose from! 

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28) Do You Struggle Everyday With How To Package & Promote Your Incredible Talents & Skills?

Do your great ideas remain just "great ideas?"

Conscious Business Expert Maria Simone will show you HOW to transform your ideas and talents into multiple income streams and put the marketing of your service business on auto pilot!

Access the following outstanding package from Maria:

  • "7 Practical Steps To Create The Business Of Your Dreams" audio download
  • "10 Ways To Actually Sell Your Ideas Before You Launch" Special Report
  • "What Do You Do When You Don't Know What To Do Next" Special Report
  • A Subscription to Maria's"Fast Forward" Ezine, which consists of great business building tips and which includes the feature article"Visibility Builds Credibility"

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29) Corporate Professionals: Are You Dissatisfied At Work & Uncertain About Your Future?

Do you feel like a cog in a machine, lacking career satisfaction and stressed out about competition?

Now, you can do what you love and love what you do! 

You can wake up every morning full of energy and enthusiasm. You can excel, succeed and make a difference. 

You can become a SHINING STAR who creates value all around!

Living a joyful life and achieving remarkable success begins when you become crystal clear about your TRUE purpose in life - an exercise that is not so easy for most people.

Author Mohamed Tohami helps corporate professionals who are dissatisfied at work and uncertain about their future to transform their lives from making a living to making a difference. 

His remarkable Special Report titled "The Lost Emotion: Only When Your Breathe It In Can The Transformation Begin" will teach you HOW to activate the world's most wanted and only emotion that can INSTANTLY transform your life and make you truly ALIVE!

Receive this truly amazing Special Report from Mohamed Tohami, in addition to a wonderful audio MP3 of Tohami's exclusive interview with Brian Klemmer - the best selling author of "The Compassionate Samurai: Being Extraordinary In An Ordinary World"...both absolutely Free here:

30) Breakthrough The Glass Ceiling In Your Life!

Learn HOW to remove old mental programs and breakthrough the glass ceiling in your life!

Neil O. Pflum is the author of the fantastic book "BE Success!" and a Co-Author of the bestselling book titled "Finding Life's Passion," with Wayne Dyer and Anthony Robbins.

Neil works with people who are serious about winning the mental/emotional game of life.

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31) The terrific Ebook titled "T-Shirts & Suits: A Guide To The Business Of Creativity" by Creative Business Consultant David Parrish, is designed for Creative Entrepreneurs and people managing Creative Businesses and Cultural Organizations.

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32) Receive Business Success & Productivity Expert Joy Duling's amazing guide titled "Fearless Self-Employment: Your Essential Guide To Thriving In Business On Your Own"...absolutely Free here:

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33) Receive Marketing Expert James Roche's fabulous "Conscious Entrepreneur Success Kit", (a $197.00 value)...absolutely Free here:

34) Attract Business Success Using The Law Of Attraction! 

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35) Service Professionals: Master "The Contribution Factor" And Attract All The Clients You Need!

You went into business to make a contribution - to your clients and to the world. By growing your business and attracting more clients, you will make the difference you've always wanted to make.

Marketing that follows certain principles makes this possible!

The wonderful Special Report by Marketing Expert Robert Middleton titled "The Contribution Factor: The Key To Growing Your Business With Less Struggle & Effort" reveals a little-known approach for marketing your professional sevices with integrity and without hype.

Robert calls this the "Contribution Factor!"

You will discover how contribution can be the foundation of all your marketing and bring you all the clients you will ever need!

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36) Attn: Coaches, Consultants, and Self Employed Professionals: Discover how you can enjoy the peace of mind, joy and freedom that comes from having an abundance of clients, money, and time to truly enjoy your life! 

Receive a Free Ecourse from Alicia M. Forest, MBA titled,"The 6 Keys To Creating Wild Abundance In Your Business" and also a Free recorded teleseminar titled,"The 6 Simple Steps To A 6 - Figure Solo Business...Even If You Are Starting From Scratch!" 

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37) For over 20 years, Business Expert John Carlton has been teaching people how to put their business on the fast track to success...and put their lives on "maximum happiness overdrive."

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38) Joel G. Block Calls Himself "America's Business Growth Guru!"

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Anita Pathik Law

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Sandra Zimmer suffered from terrible stagefright as an actress, speaker and teacher.

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Best Selling Author and Marketing Results Coach, Warren Whitlock's Online Seminar titled, "Self Promotion Secrets of the Super Successful: Multiply Your Marketing Results" will reveal the following tools you need to improve your marketing results:

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Before you tackle a new business strategy or try to become a Social Media Expert, your chances for success with ANY of your marketing efforts will be limited if your inner journey is not in alignment with your outer journey.

For the past 25 years, Business Growth Expert Debbie Bermont has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs around the world and Debbie can predict an entrepreneur's chances for success in just 5 minutes based on 4 key questions which tell Debbie how far out of alignment an entrepreneur may be on a soul level and the connection he/she has to their own personal power.

Entrepreneurs have 3 common traits - they value freedom, want to make a difference in the world, and are very powerful.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs have a tough time tapping into their own personal power at their highest levels because they face a large energy block of constriction on a subconscious and conscious level that attracts more of what they DON'T want in their life rather than what they DO want.

Ultimately, they become a victim of their own circumstances and vulnerable to any downward trend in the marketplace.

Debbie Bermont is offering an incredible 60 minute audio program titled "From Victim To Victor: The Fastest Way To Conquer ANY Emotional Challenge Which Blocks Your Success."

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Debbie reveals to you how to access the fail proof system you have internally that you can ALWAYS count on to attract greater wealth and success in your personal and professional life NO MATTER WHAT your current circumstances are right now.

This internal path to success is typically overridden by your subconscious thoughts which can sabotage any action you take to try to move forward.

When this happens, you experience a life of struggle and challenge rather than a path that is filled with ease and expansion.

Debbie Bermont is the President of Source Communications, a Marketing Consulting Company and Author of the book "Outrageous Business Growth: The Fast Track To Explosive Sales In Any Economy."

Debbie has been quoted in over 150 newspapers and magazines around the world and has published four other books.

Listen to this audio program if you:

  • Are just starting a new business
  • Are in the direct sales or network marketing industry
  • Are in a sales capacity at your company
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  • Are experiencing a fluctuation in your sales and concerned about an unstable economy.
  • If you know there is something deep inside of you that is powerful and there is something that is preventing you from stepping into that power.
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  • Market Expert Debbie Allen's fabulous audio CD titled, "Shameless Self-Promotion For Speakers"

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  2. Step # 2 - Integrate the Millionaire Mindset.
  3. Step # 3 - Grow your business with an Online Presence.

Learn what "The Secret" does not tell you to do. 

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Shel Horowitz, author of the new book "Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First" has created a Special Report titled,"12 New Year's Resolutions For A More Ethical, Ecological, Profitable & Successful Business."

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You'll find out about social networking sites such as Facebook, Goodreads, as well as book marketing sites like 

She'll teach you how to write great press releases and distribute them and how to develop a Media Kit. 

She will also tell you how to arrange virtual book tours and radio events, too.

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The steps to follow when giving positive and constructive feedback are spelled out with examples.

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In Carolyn Bates outstanding Ebook titled "I Own A Business, I Have A Career...Stop The Train! I Want A Life!", you will learn:

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  • What are the "tolerations" you deal with everyday at work and in life.
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177) What's Your Charisma Quotient?

Are you perceived as charismatic?

Do you have the power to captivate an audience while you speak?

Can you "work a room" and create the perceptions that attract others to you?

These qualities are in some ways critical to your business success, as charismatic people are more likely to get others to listen, earn their respect, and influence them to achieve desired outcomes.

Dr. Larina Kase has created a proprietary tool titled "The Charisma Assessment" which was created to help you to find your charisma quotient.

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  • "The Ten Secrets To Magnetic Confidence: Feel Great & Attract Others Every Time You Speak" Special Report
  • "How To Use Speaking In Public To Attract Clients, Friends, & Unlimited Business Opportunities" Special Report
  • "Powerful Storytelling Techniques That Get Your Message Across" Special Report

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178) The "Internet Business Mastery" Podcast Series with Sterling and Jay, is a Podcast dedicated to Online Entrepreneurial vision and lifestyle where they discuss not only the tools, understanding, and technical aspects of an Internet Business, but also the mindset, the hard work, and inspiration needed to create financial freedom with an Online Business.

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179) Enjoy A Fabulous CD Recording Of A Powerful Discussion Panel Sponsored By Christine Kloser Of Conscious Business Connections!

This wonderful panel features:

  • The Secret's Joe Vitale
  • Joe Nunziata
  • Lisa Hammond
  • Ali Brown

In addition to the exciting panel discussion, receive 3 additional CDs featuring the following:

  • Bill Phillips - Author Of "Fit For Life": Bill shares 5 key insights which can transform an ordinary business into an extraordinary mission which focuses on creating value for others rather than just marketing a product or service.
  • Seth Godin - Author of "The Dip": The old saying is wrong - winners do quit, and quitters do win. According to best selling author Seth Godin, what really sets superstars apart from everyone else is the ability to escape deadends quickly, while staying focused and motivated when it really counts. Seth doesn't claim to have all the answers, but he will teach you how to ask the right questions.
  • David Neagle - Million Dollar Income Acceleration Coach: The mindset of the entrepreneur is the ONLY piece of their business that determines everything else, and it is also the piece that is least focused on by most. When your thinking structure changes, you create from a different place which is filled with power, possibility and promise.

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If you are like most entrepreneurs, you have a wealth of information that your customers and clients would benefit from learning and information that can change the lives of your customers and earn you lots of profits.

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183) Dr. Steve Taubman is the President and Founder of Inner Selling Institute, a Company dedicated to helping business professionals transform their results through a unique introspective process.

"We all have dreams that are bigger than the life we are currently living, and I believe that if you have the courage to keep those dreams alive, you'll ultimately manifest them into your life."

Dr. Steve Taubman

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188) There Is A Distinct Connection Between Your Beliefs & Your Success As An Entrepreneur.

In the fabulous Mini Seminar from Liz Pabon titled, "What Every Savvy Business Gal Must Know About Marketing, Money And The Mind", Liz will discuss her personal philosophies and business practices culled from over 20 years as a business woman and 5 years as an entrepreneur, which are responsible for Liz achieving entrepreneurial success.

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  • Building a strong team.
  • Creating an actionable plan.
  • Making a commitment to be consistent and getting into action.

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  • Liz's "Smart Networking" Ezine

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It was created by two of the country's top entrepreneurial experts, brothers Rich and Jeff Sloan to be your one-stop shop for entrepreneurial success.

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277) What Does It Take To Start A Successful Business?

Gregory Galant is working the phone to find the answers by calling entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and their friends and foes.

"The Venture Voice Podcast" features his conversations.

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When you listen to Paul Scheele's amazing "Personal Genius" audio program, you will automatically enter into the accelerative learning state.

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Daniel and Andy are principals in one of the UK's leading Internet Marketing Agencies.

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286) Is Your Business A Profit Making Machine?

Is your passion being rewarded...consistently?

Have you successfully created multiple profit centers?

Or do you worry about securing your next contract, client or check?

"Monetizing Your Passion" by Adryenn Ashley is a system designed to build credibility for your business, brand you as the expert in your field, and transform your knowledge into products that can be sold worldwide.

These proven techniques showcase your talent, enhance your success, increase your effectiveness and translate that success to your financial bottomline.

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287) It's Easy To Find People To Tell You How Hard You'll Work When You Start Your Own Business.

Marguerite Moore Callaway doesn't disagree.

But she also says you'll fall in love with it.

You must, if you're to be successful.

Marguerite looks beyond the nuts and bolts of accounting and demographics to find the elusive elements that really make a business come alive and thrive.


The Think Big Revolution is a movement created by Marketing Expert & Conscious Business Entrepreneur, Michael Port, best selling author and author of the newly released book titled, "The Think Big Manifesto", as a place for people to come together to think bigger about who they are and what they offer the world.

As a founding principle, The Think Big Revolution requires the formation and argumentation of intellectual and spiritual capital. 

The condition for Intellectual Capital is Big Thoughts. 

The condition for Spiritual Capital is Love. 

The Future of Big Thinking rests exclusively on the combination of BOTH.

The advancement of and growth of intellectual capital through study and learning, in action with others, will replace the isolation of small thinking. 

This revolutionary combination will cut from under it's feet the very foundation on which the "old school" small thoughts were generated and propagated.

Michael's Think Big Revolution offers many amazing resources and tools to help you, including a series of incredible audios that you can access anytime to help you in the "big thinking" process.

A sampling of the audios include the following topics:

  • You Are Like Your Market
  • Be Unreasonable
  • You Are Being Prompted - Are You Listening?
  • Thinking Like Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Coaching Millions
  • Challenging The Status Quo
  • Online Marketing Advice
  • Are You A Confident Speaker?
  • The 4 Hour Work Week
  • Small Business Blogging
  • Virtual Team Building Secrets
  • The Facebook Experiment
  • Take Action Now!
  • Turning Problems Into Play!
  • The Power Of A Positive No
  • Your Personal Brand Identity
  • Awakening The Entrepreneur Within
  • Doing More With Less
  • Influence And Connections...and much more!

"To "think big" is to know what we stand for and let it guide us in everything we do; to maintain our integrity in the face of a world filled with "slack thinking", lazy habits, and flexible principles; to imagine the possibilities of the world and go out and do them."

Michael Port

In place of small thoughts and small thinking, we will have big thoughts and big thinking, fully self-expressed, self-actualized, collaborative contributors to society, who know no limitations and no limits.

After all, that's what love is, too!

Membership in The Think Big Revolution is Free; it will always be.

No one owns big thinking. 

Join The Revolution & Michael and...Create And Be The Change!

I already featured an awesome quote from Michael Port's new book on the web page titled,"A New Paradigm Unveiled". 

Here is another cool and relevant quote from Michael Port's newly released book "The Think Big Manifesto":

"Thinking Big means transcending our small thoughts. I'm not smart enough; I can't risk my secure job on some flimflam dream; my parents (spouse, children, friends) won't approve; people will think I'm crazy; nobody will like me anymore; I don't have the time; I don't have the energy; I can't make a difference, I'm only one person; I don't...; I can't...

When we think like that, we are wrong, just plain wrong. We are thinking small. We are letting ourselves be diminished by other people's lack of imagination or our own impoverished imagination.  We are succumbing to the mind-numbing small thoughts that our society favors. Why live my life when I can watch reality TV instead?"

Michael Port

*Purchase a copy of Michael Port's amazing new book "The Think Big Manifesto" at The Secret Wealth Newtwork's Online Bookstore here: